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Have Patience with Potty Training


We started potty training our 27-month-old boy last week using John’s ‘Naked and $75’ method. It was going pretty well until about day six. He has totally regressed. He has accidents about 50% of the time now, and when he does go we have to help him onto the little potty and hold down his privates, otherwise he’ll spray everywhere. Help!


Thanks so much for your question! Glad you read up on N75!

My advice is to take a step back and not micromanage this process. You're only a week into this! He's doing great and so are you!

You know that he CAN do it by himself. Does your potty seat have a guard, if so attach it so that he doesn't spray. When his potty bell goes off, tell him to go sit on the potty and then walk away. Give him a new book for his potty time. If he has an accident, have him help clean himself and take his dirty clothes to the laundry. Be patient and he will get it!

Traci Turner
Certified Parenting Coach

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