"If; when your child does something "bad," you feel bad about it, your child won't. "


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Helping a Preschooler Go Potty Without Mom

Posted 1 week ago

Hi! I have a boy who will be 5 next month and he won't go to the bathroom by himself. I thought it was kind of cute when he always wanted to go with me and now I recognize the error of my ways. I...

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Toilet Training on the Run

Posted 1 week ago

We are following N75 with our 23-month-old. It is only day four, so I know I need to be patient. We are still having more accidents than successes, but are sticking with it as I know it's still...

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How to Deal With Potty Accidents at Home

Posted 1 week ago

My two and a half year old has been potty training for 7 months. She does great when out. When we are home she pees on herself and says nothing. This is ONLY happening at home. What are we to do???

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Toliet training

Posted 4 weeks ago

The potty training program is not working. I've been doing it for about a week with my 23 month old. The first two days he peed in the potty 2x each day. Since then he hasn't peed in the potty...

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2 year old's Preschool teacher demands he wear pullups

Posted on 8/15/2018

After reading Toilet Training without Tantrums by Rosemond, we went straight to underwear with our 2.5 year old. He has transitioned to another class at daycare, and the teacher feels he isn't...

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Loads of Laundry

Posted on 8/2/2018

My son is 30 months old, going on 3 years old. We are starting to work with him on potty training so we completely got rid of diapers/pull ups based on John Rosemond's book "toilet training...

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Too Busy to Potty

Posted on 7/25/2018

Our daughter turned 3 last May and we postponed toilet training until she was 3. It was only then that we were introduced to John Rosemond's method and we started right away with "naked and 75"....

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Gating Answer to Child's Toilet Fears

Posted on 7/24/2018

We started potty training our daughter 5 months ago at 26 months and everything was going fine. She has not worn diapers during the day this whole time. About a month or so after she started...

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Have Patience with Potty Training

Posted on 7/24/2018

We started potty training our 27-month-old boy last week using John’s ‘Naked and $75’ method. It was going pretty well until about day six. He has totally regressed. He has accidents about 50% of...

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Patience with Potty Training

Posted on 7/15/2018

We started potty training our 27 month old boy last week using John’s ‘naked and $75’ method. It was going pretty well until about day 6. He has totally regressed. He has accidents about 50% of...

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22 month old poop issue

Posted on 7/11/2018

My 22 month old daughter has started pooping her bed in the mornings. She’s done it the last 3 mornings and it’s not phasing her in the least. She has a potty in her room and has been very...

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21 Month won't sit on potty chair

Posted on 7/4/2018

Hello! We’ve read a couple of John’s books and are trying “Naked and $75” to potty train our 21 month old. We introduced the potty this morning and started. We’re using a potty bell and...

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Bed Time Potty Woes

Posted on 7/2/2018

Our 3 year old son has been toilet trained since he was 20 months old thanks to your amazing N75 method. However something new has popped up... in an effort to avoid bed or going somewhere he...

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Potty Bell Dependent

Posted on 6/29/2018

My daughter is 3 years and 4 months and has been semi-toilet-trained for almost a year. She goes in the potty when the potty bell rings but otherwise has accidents. She doesn't seem to care about...

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Wiping after restroom use

Posted on 6/21/2018

Hi there, when is it appropriate for my 33 month old to begin wiping himself after a bm? We are currently potty training, and I’ve been wiping him. My only concern is he will start a Mother’s Day...

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Potty Training after Illness

Posted on 6/10/2018

We started toilet training in early March using N75, when our daughter was 22 mos (now 25 mos). She's made great progress with bladder control - rarely has wet accidents, and seemed to be doing...

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Who's In Charge?

Posted on 6/4/2018

I asked a question recently related to potty training and part of the answer was that I needed to reestablish myself as the head of the household. And that is so true!!! I have had an in going...

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Bed wetting for 20 month old

Posted on 6/2/2018

So, I have been observing things for a bit and it turns out my daughter is definitely asleep when she wets her bed at night. So, how do we handle this? She’s 20 months, and we’ve been potty...

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Potty Training after Set Back

Posted on 6/1/2018

I am one week into potty training my son, who just turned two years old. I had read John's book and was ready to be cool and calm, but that only lasted a couple of days. We had some early success...

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Just Do It

Posted on 5/29/2018

Have wanted to start training my now 20 month old for a while now, the problem is 90% of the time when you tell her to go on the potty she throws a fit. I have read toilet training with out...

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Potty Training Regression After New Baby

Posted on 5/24/2018

My middle son, just turned age 3, has been potty trained since before age 2 successfully. However, in the last few weeks he has started pooping his pants again almost daily. We have a 5 month...

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Day Care Potty Issue

Posted on 5/22/2018

My son, who is 3.5, has been potty trained at home and out in public since his third birthday (later than you recommend, but we only just found you and became apostles about 4 or 5 months ago. We...

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Toilet Tantrums

Posted on 5/18/2018

Our recently turned 3 year old son who has been toilet trained for almost a year is now wetting his pants on purpose when he does not get his way. This happens sometimes in the car and at home and...

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Nighttime Toilet Training 19-month-old

Posted on 5/17/2018

I have a question about night training. My daughter is 19 months and doing really well with daytime potty training. Still has a few accidents but mostly going both #1 and #2 on her little potty....

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5 year old relapses with potty training

Posted on 4/28/2018

I got such helpful feedback on the first question, I’m back again. My 5 year old is currently in public kindergarten. We’ve decided to keep her in until the end of the year (in a few weeks) and...

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Potty Mastery Before the New Baby Arrives

Posted on 4/27/2018

I started toilet training my 24 month old at 18 months and he is still having 1-2 accidents a day, almost always at home. I take the potty all over with us and can generally trust him to not have...

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Time to Potty

Posted on 4/22/2018

Our son is 18 months/3wks old and my husband and I are going to begin toilet training in the next few days. We have read Toilet Training Without Tantrums so we are ready and prepared to go...

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VICTORY in Toilet Training Twins!

Posted on 4/20/2018

I had asked a few questions about potty training my 19 month old twins a few months ago and I just wanted to come back and provide a progress report that will hopefully serve as some encouragement...

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Patience in Potty Training

Posted on 4/19/2018

My 18 month old daughter is on day 3 of potty training. My problem is she won’t stay on the potty long enough to go. She will dribble a little on the ground and point to it or step in it. I tell...

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Toilet Training Takes Time

Posted on 4/11/2018

Hi, our daughter is 18 months old, and after reading Toilet Training Without Tantrums, we began training 5 days ago. So far, we are feeling pretty discouraged that any progress is being made. We...

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Too Much Fuss over Potty Training

Posted on 4/9/2018

After reading your book on toilet training, I started to train my daughter at 18 months and 1 week. I used the potty bell and in almost 3 weeks she was almost accident-free at home, but sometimes...

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Mom's in Charge...Even Outside Home

Posted on 3/26/2018

We took charge and had to move on from N75 to the last chapter in Dr. Rosemond's book. We put them in separate bathroom and told them to tell us when they went. They did. Then when they had an...

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Kids Won't Stop What They're Doing to Use Bathroom

Posted on 3/24/2018

Hi there, How would you approach an almost 4 year old, and almost 7 year old regarding keeping their underwear clean and free of pee leaks. Both are not bothering to go when they need to and...

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2 yo Stay the Course with the Potty

Posted on 3/22/2018

My son is 29 month and we trained him to use the toilet seat 2 months ago. We didn't use toilet chair because he likes the seat rather than the chair. For most of the toilet visits, we would have...

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Who's in Charge?

Posted on 3/12/2018

We started potty training our girl twins who are a little over three years old and 4 months (yes, we tried before and it wasn't successful and should have gone with my intuition and trained them...

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Potty Train Started Out Well, Now There are Issues

Posted on 3/10/2018

I have been toilet-training my two sons at the same time according to the Naked and 75 method (23 months and 35 months) and by day 5, they had no accidents. We used the potty bell and gated off...

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Potty training a 23 month old

Posted on 2/28/2018

I’ve just started toilet training my 23 month old daughter. I typically lead her by the hand to her potty, and hold her hand while she gets situated on it, if she’s wobbly. After two days, she...

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Stay Calm with Anxious Toddler

Posted on 2/24/2018

Our 20 month old son is potty trained since January. This week he got constipated. We used Pedia-lax to get him to poop. However, the last time we used it (Pedia-lax) he was clearly not...

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No Pull Ups Ever...Unless the Daycare Makes You

Posted on 2/12/2018

We started N75 with our 18 month old son three days ago. While it’s not been a walk in the park, he is making progress. Our daycare provider is on board with potty training him, but he must wear a...

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When Children Regress, Parents Must Stay the Course

Posted on 2/11/2018

So after battling our three year old hitting, biting and pushing in his class we’ve now enetered a new area of regression (I’m 7 months pregnant). He is now constantly having potty accidents at...

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No Pull Ups Ever

Posted on 2/9/2018

Why do you recommend no pull ups at night or ever? We are going to start daytime potty training and they have been wearing Pampers Easy Ups for quite some time, both day and night. Are you...

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FollowUp on 3YO Potty Training

Posted on 2/6/2018

I had asked the following: Do you daytime and nighttime train at the same time? And got the answer: No. Daytime first. Once Daytime is established, WELL established, start nighttime...

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Potty Training 3YO

Posted on 2/5/2018

We have twin girls that turned 3 in November. And yes, we are like many of the parent who are struggling with potty training. We tried before they were three and when it didn't work, we put them...

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2 yo Stay the Course with the Potty

Posted on 2/4/2018

My son is 27 month old and recently, and we started toilet training one week ago. The first five days we used N75 with thin cotton underwear and potty bell and allow him to run basically anywhere...

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7 yo Bathroom Accidents

Posted on 2/3/2018

I'm looking for advice on what to do with my nearly 7 year old daughter who is still having daily pee and poo accidents and nightly bed-wetting. She has been checked out by a pediatrician and a...

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2YO Toilet Training

Posted on 2/3/2018

We started potty training our soon to be 27 month old almost 3 weeks ago. She has had very little success. She has only gone in the potty 5 times over the course of that 2 1/2 weeks. We have done...

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3 yo Pooping During Sleepy Time

Posted on 1/31/2018

Our 3-year old son is doing well with potty training in regards to staying dry and in undies all day, going when he needs to go on little or big potty, etc. But we have run into an issue with...

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Toilet Training in the Great Outdoors

Posted on 1/9/2018

We started toilet training our 21 month old today and plan to stay close to home for the remainder of the week as he gets the hang of things. These next few days are predicted to be perfect for...

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Pull-Ups are Sabotaging Potty Training

Posted on 1/6/2018

Hello. My daughter is nearly 33 months old. My husband and I began her daytime toilet training one year ago. She is fully daytime trained with the occasional accident. She wears a pull up for naps...

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Toilet Training Twins

Posted on 12/26/2017

I am on day 12 of potty training my 19 month old twins. I trained my older 2 at 16 and 17 months using your method, so this is not my first go-around, but the twin thing is proving to be a major...

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