Moody Blues

Posted 3 weeks ago

Our 10-year-old son has started having huge mood swings. He gets easily angry, grumpy, and irritable. What is the best way to handle mood swings? We provide consequences for misbehavior, but how...

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Time to get their attention

Posted on 4/20/2024

Hi I wrote in 10 days ago and never heard back. We’re struggling with bedtime. We have 2 girls, ages 5 and 3. We moved them into the same bedroom about a month ago. We read another response to...

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Micro Mom-Ager Neighbor

Posted on 3/30/2024

We live on a street where there are a lot of kids. My boys, 9 and 11 years old, are outside all the time playing and my house tends to be the place where all the kids play. If my kids or other...

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The Grass Really Isn’t Greener on the Other Side

Posted on 3/25/2024

My 10-year-old daughter seems always to think the grass is greener somewhere else. For example, we homeschool, which she enjoys, but often expresses her wish to return to regular school, and when...

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Legal questions need legal answers

Posted on 3/20/2024

Our almost 7 year old son was caught fingering a 5 year old boy cousin in the butt. Our son said they both were doing this with each other and smelling their finger. Our son deeply regrets the...

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Not Listening the First Time

Posted on 3/20/2024

We believe in the necessity of our children obeying the first time they are told-without challenge, delay or excuse. However, we also wish to walk the tightrope of a loving, nourishing home,...

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Ask Me No Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies

Posted on 3/8/2024

Lately, I’ve noticed my 6-year-old daughter telling lies. One day she was playing with her baby sister, and I suddenly heard the baby cry like she was in pain, so I figured she hurt herself in...

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Time to Show you Mean Business

Posted on 3/7/2024

Hi! Today, after telling my 9 year old son no, he could not take Pokemon cards to school, he snuck them in his backpack and took them anyway. The teacher called me. She also told me he brought a...

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Bluey Blues

Posted on 3/3/2024

I've discovered the Australian kids' show, Bluey. My 7-year-old boy knows about it and has seen some episodes. I'm skeptical of all things aimed at children. I've probably watched 8-10 episodes...

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Choices for Children?

Posted on 2/28/2024

Hello, listening to John's podcast. Great stuff. When is it permissible to allow a child a choice? I understand John speaks against 'democratic' parenting but would be good to hear a podcast...

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Fill His Glass

Posted on 2/23/2024

My 9-year-old son is very negative lately. He seems focused on the "bad" parts of the world. He is worried and frustrated about big problems in the world like destroying the environment, for...

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Require Independent Play

Posted on 2/17/2024

We are trying to promote our kids to be more independent with regards to their play. They are all boys ages 9, 7 and 5. They can play independently, but still want me to play with them and often...

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Teaching Manners to a Five-Year-Old

Posted on 2/7/2024

During a recent visit to a private school we are considering sending our daughter to, I found it difficult to have a conversation with the school staff due to my daughter's constant whining and...

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Fostering Responsible Decision Making

Posted on 2/3/2024

Our 11 y/o son is in 5th grade at a private Christian school and we pay for him to have weekly trumpet lessons. He doesn't really practice though. I told him that if he wants to keep having mom...

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Figure out how to not take it personally.

Posted on 1/29/2024

Hi, we have 4 children. Our oldest is 9 and adopted through foster care. Has been with us since a baby. She has had intermittent food issues like eating until she throws up as a toddler, but that...

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Keep the Joy, Lose the Chatter

Posted on 1/25/2024

I have a 7 year old daughter, she should have been named Joy. Always happy, loves people. However, she has a tendency to talk incessantly, and never wants to be alone. She has friends, and cousins...

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Help for HIgh Self-esteem Seizures

Posted on 1/24/2024

Six-year-old daughter has been kicked out of the garden twice for nighttime issues: screaming, throwing things, manipulating us to try to sleep with her or give her x,y,z. She was “kicked out” at...

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How to use charts/tickets with 3 kids

Posted on 1/13/2024

How to decide to use chart or ticket system for 3 kids? 11 y/o and 9 y/o sons would have same misbehaviors #1 Do things 1st time asked #2 Clean up after yourself #3 Aggravating sibling (Sibling...

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Victimhood by a 10 yro

Posted on 1/6/2024

Our son regularly makes excuses, assigns blame elsewhere, etc. when it comes to taking responsibilities for his decisions. He often plays the "poor me" or victim card. What are your best...

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Posted on 1/5/2024

Working on independent sleep 7.5 yo daughter. Follows bedtime routine and falls asleep in own bed. Is waking between Midnight & 5 am constantly. 2 years ago, I gave in and have been sleeping with...

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How to Use the Ticket System for Misbehavior at Home

Posted on 1/2/2024

Hello, we have 2 adopted kids (9yr boy/12yr girl). Our son was diagnosed with ADHD by his school at the age of 6. He has an IEP. He is well-behaved at school. However, at home is a different...

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Time for a Visit From the Doctor

Posted on 12/29/2023

I'm at a loss for direction. I tried lumping my kids together with a chart just to find how different they are. My 4 y/o loves to relentlessly antagonize my 5 y/o whiner, and my 7 y/o loves to...

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Focusing on the right things

Posted on 12/1/2023

Our 8 y/o son (almost 9) was diagnosed a few yrs ago with ADHD and has an IEP. The interventions are not working - I'm not surprised. They say he lacks quality of work/effort and is easily...

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Scary movie crisis.

Posted on 11/28/2023

My 7 year old son is afraid of a scary movie (Five Nights at Freddie's). Until 11/17, he had only seen the movie poster at a theater and some kids discuss it at school, which scared him enough as...

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Turn to Tickets for Sibling Conflicts

Posted on 11/23/2023

I have 3 children (7, 5 & 4) who play very well together. They don't always get along well, and I'd like to do the chart system for them for the same behaviors (whining/tantrums, misusing...

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Posted on 10/29/2023

I have 3 boys (10, 10 and 8). I regretfully admit that I have fostered a victim mentality in my 8 year old to the point where he now plays victim outside of the house. When he is playing sports...

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An Inconvenient Phobia

Posted on 10/27/2023

Our oldest daughter just turned six. She’s always had a hard time at the doctor & dentist. At almost 3, she was put under to put caps on her front teeth, and when one of them developed an abscess...

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7yr old not doing what is right

Posted on 10/24/2023

Hello, My daughter is seven years old. She is having trouble focusing in school. She moves around in her chair a lot, often skips over reading instructions, frequently leaves big sections of her...

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Posted on 10/18/2023

My 9 year old son is in 4th grade. He has always been good with others but a strong-willed challenger at home. My husband and I always felt that that meant we were doing our job, with good reports...

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Calculating 6YO Attention Seeker

Posted on 10/13/2023

How do you teach a 6 year old the difference between expressing your emotions and using your emotions to manipulate people? Ex: If we tell him what consequences to expect, "eat your dinner or you...

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1st Grade Son Prefers Silly Play

Posted on 10/8/2023

My 1st grade son who has always preferred oral "silly" play including making rasberry sounds, whistling, and staccato outbursts of word like but unintelligible syllables, and exaggerated laughter,...

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2nd Grader Can't Keep Hands to Himself

Posted on 10/8/2023

My 2nd grade child struggles with keeping his hands to himself in school, a problem we've encountered for the past 2 years. We've actively collaborated with his teachers each year and introduced a...

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When adults take charge , , ,

Posted on 10/3/2023

I have an 8 year old stepson in 2nd grade, he has equal time between both households. He has had behavioral issues in school on and off since preschool (hitting peers and teachers, destroying...

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Classroom Management

Posted on 10/3/2023

Hello! Your straightforward, old-fashioned approach has been a big blessing to me as a children’s minister/teacher! Do you or your team have any classroom management resources for Sunday...

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Posted on 9/12/2023

We have a 7.5yo son with a habit of yelling/screaming/whining at us when we attempt to talk to him at times when he is misbehaving or breaking family rules. We can barely get the first words out...

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6 Year Old Boy Can Put Bully To Bed

Posted on 9/12/2023

Good afternoon, my 6yr old son is being bullied in kindergarten. Day 1 a little girl came up to him, randomly and said she didn’t like him, the following week she did the same, and also said she...

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Posted on 9/11/2023

Per the answer to my previous question, I started the picky eating program with all my kids a about a week ago. Where I need clarification is that my main concern is my 10 y/o son. He is a...

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Posted on 9/8/2023

My 7 year old grandson has pulled his pants down 3 times in the last year and showed his penis. The 1st time, it was while his great-aunt, her grown son and daughter-in-law, and their 7 year old...

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Posted on 8/23/2023

My granddaughter, who is 9 years old, was adopted as a newborn. Her biological mother used drugs (heroin, cocaine, and methadone on board at delivery). My granddaughter was in NICU for detox for...

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How to Get a Child to Understand the Value of Things

Posted on 8/18/2023

How do you go about your child working off a debt? Our 6-year-old has an old iPhone that he uses like an iPod. it basically only has music on it (and he loves music). He changed the passcode,...

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6-Year-Old Pitiful Pouter

Posted on 8/8/2023

My 6 year old son has a big problem losing any type of competition. He cries, pouts, leaves the room. At tennis he will pout and look at the ground etc. How can I motivate him? How do I teach...

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Defiant 7 year old needs a visit from the good old Dr.

Posted on 8/4/2023

We have a 7 year old girl who has the strongest will I have ever encountered. She is defiant, she is physical towards her older sister(who is her polar opposite) and I am at my wits end. We have...

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Treasured Times--Dating your Daughter

Posted on 7/30/2023

Hi, I am wondering if you would consider one on on child and parent dates a privilege or necessity? If you have a planned one on one child date but the child is misbehaving do you cancel the date...

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Posted on 7/29/2023

Our middle son, age 7, has been a challenge since he was a baby. We met a few years ago with a John Rosemond Parent coach about him and it was helpful, but we still have some areas where we...

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Help! My Son Plays With "Girl" Toys!

Posted on 7/28/2023

Our son is about to turn 7. We have implemented all of John’s suggestions in getting him to play with boy toys. Our son is doing much better BUT he is still gravitating to wanting to play with his...

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7 yo begging for treats

Posted on 7/21/2023

My seven year old daughter has a sweet tooth and some unhealthy eating habits that I am concerned could become quite problematic. I do not bring sweets into the house or keep many snacks on hand,...

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8 year old boy bedwetting

Posted on 7/21/2023

My stepson is 8-y-o and bedwets. He was potty trained at age 2, but wore pull-ups at night since. He was adopted out of foster care as a toddler by my husband and his late wife. First wife died in...

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Zoomie solution

Posted on 7/18/2023

My 10 year old daughter is irrationally afraid of our new cat. This is our first family pet and we were all (including our daughter) very excited to bring her home as a kitten about 2 months ago....

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Try This to Quell Daughter’s Anxiety

Posted on 7/10/2023

My 6-year-old daughter has developed strong anxiety in the last three months. At the end of the school year, she was anxious (to the point of tears) about her end of year tests. Now, during summer...

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A 9-yr old, 3D's and the PKR

Posted on 6/16/2023

We are having issues with our almost 9 year old son, the oldest of 3 boys. He is increasingly disrespectful, stirring up trouble with his brothers, being physically violent with us and his...

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