Posted 2 weeks ago

We have a 7.5yo son with a habit of yelling/screaming/whining at us when we attempt to talk to him at times when he is misbehaving or breaking family rules. We can barely get the first words out...

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6 Year Old Boy Can Put Bully To Bed

Posted 2 weeks ago

Good afternoon, my 6yr old son is being bullied in kindergarten. Day 1 a little girl came up to him, randomly and said she didn’t like him, the following week she did the same, and also said she...

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Per the answer to my previous question, I started the picky eating program with all my kids a about a week ago. Where I need clarification is that my main concern is my 10 y/o son. He is a...

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Posted 2 weeks ago

My 7 year old grandson has pulled his pants down 3 times in the last year and showed his penis. The 1st time, it was while his great-aunt, her grown son and daughter-in-law, and their 7 year old...

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Posted on 8/23/2023

My granddaughter, who is 9 years old, was adopted as a newborn. Her biological mother used drugs (heroin, cocaine, and methadone on board at delivery). My granddaughter was in NICU for detox for...

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How to Get a Child to Understand the Value of Things

Posted on 8/18/2023

How do you go about your child working off a debt? Our 6-year-old has an old iPhone that he uses like an iPod. it basically only has music on it (and he loves music). He changed the passcode,...

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6-Year-Old Pitiful Pouter

Posted on 8/8/2023

My 6 year old son has a big problem losing any type of competition. He cries, pouts, leaves the room. At tennis he will pout and look at the ground etc. How can I motivate him? How do I teach...

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Defiant 7 year old needs a visit from the good old Dr.

Posted on 8/4/2023

We have a 7 year old girl who has the strongest will I have ever encountered. She is defiant, she is physical towards her older sister(who is her polar opposite) and I am at my wits end. We have...

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Treasured Times--Dating your Daughter

Posted on 7/30/2023

Hi, I am wondering if you would consider one on on child and parent dates a privilege or necessity? If you have a planned one on one child date but the child is misbehaving do you cancel the date...

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Posted on 7/29/2023

Our middle son, age 7, has been a challenge since he was a baby. We met a few years ago with a John Rosemond Parent coach about him and it was helpful, but we still have some areas where we...

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Help! My Son Plays With "Girl" Toys!

Posted on 7/28/2023

Our son is about to turn 7. We have implemented all of John’s suggestions in getting him to play with boy toys. Our son is doing much better BUT he is still gravitating to wanting to play with his...

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7 yo begging for treats

Posted on 7/21/2023

My seven year old daughter has a sweet tooth and some unhealthy eating habits that I am concerned could become quite problematic. I do not bring sweets into the house or keep many snacks on hand,...

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8 year old boy bedwetting

Posted on 7/21/2023

My stepson is 8-y-o and bedwets. He was potty trained at age 2, but wore pull-ups at night since. He was adopted out of foster care as a toddler by my husband and his late wife. First wife died in...

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Zoomie solution

Posted on 7/18/2023

My 10 year old daughter is irrationally afraid of our new cat. This is our first family pet and we were all (including our daughter) very excited to bring her home as a kitten about 2 months ago....

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Try This to Quell Daughter’s Anxiety

Posted on 7/10/2023

My 6-year-old daughter has developed strong anxiety in the last three months. At the end of the school year, she was anxious (to the point of tears) about her end of year tests. Now, during summer...

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A 9-yr old, 3D's and the PKR

Posted on 6/16/2023

We are having issues with our almost 9 year old son, the oldest of 3 boys. He is increasingly disrespectful, stirring up trouble with his brothers, being physically violent with us and his...

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Posted on 6/15/2023

I have a 3 year old boy and 6 year old girl. We just recently moved into a new home and they now share a room. We’ve been at the new house for approx 4 weeks now and bedtime is insane. I take them...

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Posted on 6/5/2023

Hello! We have three boys, ages 10, 6 and 2. We’re having with my husband questions about what’s the right way to motivate our 2 older boys to be self motivated (the only thing that they seem to...

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Warts and All

Posted on 6/2/2023

My 6 year old son has some warts on his hands. He pitched a fit at the pediatric dermatologist today while getting his warts frozen off. He began screaming before the procedure even began. The...

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Teaching bedroom privacy

Posted on 5/15/2023

Hello, thank you for the parenting resources you have provided. We have 7 and 4 year old daughters. I am trying to implement Dr. Rosemond's parenting advice. My wife disagrees with things Dr....

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12 Year-Old Boy Won’t Accept “No”

Posted on 5/9/2023

We implemented a plan to help our 12 year old son learn the importance of keeping his room clean: He must keep it clean for ten days in order to order anything online, get a ride, etc. He did it...

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Discipline at home for behavior at school

Posted on 4/19/2023

We have already raised our 4 daughters, the youngest is 24. We are currently, for some incredible reasons, in our third month of fostering to adopt a young child. Things at home are slowly...

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Feelings can lead to failings.

Posted on 4/15/2023

My 9 year old son has an issue with expressing emotion. If he gets upset, sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, sometimes even excited, it comes out only as anger and often aggression (i.e. doing...

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8-yo girl lying and "sneaking"

Posted on 4/13/2023

We are struggling with disciplining our 8 year old daughter for lying and “sneaking”. Mostly because she continues to deny the lies & repeats “my parents never believe me”. We are worried that we...

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8 YO Finds His Way to Parents Bed During the Night

Posted on 3/27/2023

My 8-year-old son is having trouble sleeping in his own room. His imagination is taking over when he tries to settle down for the night. We have a bedtime routine at the same time every evening....

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How Do I Teach My Children Manners?

Posted on 3/23/2023

Hello! I have three girls, ages (almost) 5, 7, and 9. I'd love to follow Mr. Rosemond's advice on teaching them one manner per week. How do you suggest I do this in practice? For example, one week...

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Posted on 2/27/2023

My son is nine years old and the middle child. He is a very capable, charming and intelligent little boy. He’s doing very well in school but is the laziest person I have ever come across. We...

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Silly in school and aggressive at home

Posted on 2/16/2023

Hello- my son is six years old and in the first grade. With his birthday he’s a little younger for the grade but seems very immature. He makes weird noises in class and tries to be silly when most...

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Parenting dilemma or parenting success story.

Posted on 1/31/2023

John, (or a parent coach) we have told him "it's because God made you a boy". I will accept that my children will not be able to share toys from here on out but the pains it takes us to explain to...

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Posted on 1/30/2023

We have a 6 year old son who is always wanting to play with his almost 4 year old sister's toys and we've noticed more femininity. Whenever she gets something new (only at Christmas and...

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Posted on 1/26/2023

We are a traditional Christian family with all heterosexual family members and children at a supposedly moderate private school. At a family 85th birthday dinner, my 6 year old son asked if “boys...

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10 yr Old reining in his anger

Posted on 1/21/2023

10 year old with anger issues What is your advice as to how to teach a 10 yr old boy how to control his emotions, instead of letting his emotions control him. Our son can be like Dr. Jekyll/Mr....

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Puppy challenge

Posted on 1/9/2023

We got a puppy in July, and while the dog is great I’m not able to get my kids to stay off of him, mainly my son (6yrs). He seems to think he is a stuffed animal or a toy and plays way too rough....

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6 yr old fits

Posted on 1/4/2023

My daughter is 6 years old. When her father and I speak to her about her behaviour she interrupts us by saying "I know, I know, I know". She is constantly talking back! she's hit me before and I...

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Fears, Five Year Olds, and the Doctor

Posted on 12/12/2022

My daughter, age 5 1/2 recently started acting irrational. She refuses to get in the car and will unbuckle herself and jump out. This behavior started a week ago when she refused to sleep in her...

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Negotiating consequences.

Posted on 12/4/2022

I need some advice! First let me acknowledge I have not had any experience with “boys” other than cousins in my life. Boy Mom is a new experience, My child, I believe has an impulse control...

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Give Little Violinist Some Space

Posted on 11/23/2022

My 8 year old son has anger issues with violin practices, especially when I give him feedback and direction. He often refuses to repeat a phrase or practise it sufficiently. He gets angry and...

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Too much information too soon

Posted on 11/13/2022

A child at school told my 3rd-grade son in detail about sex, specifically gay sex. I wasn't prepared to have this talk with him so young. My son repeated something perverted he heard from the...

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Posted on 10/30/2022

I’m the worst mum in the world and hated because my 9-year-old son isn’t allowed to go on holiday out of the country with his dad and new girlfriend for a family holiday. I told my son's dad no...

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childminder refuses to watch 9 yo boy

Posted on 10/24/2022

What is a good consequence when you pay for your 9 year old to go to holiday clubs and childminder so you can work but they misbehave and complain so much they don’t want to be there that staff...

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Homeschooling Mom Seeks Advice

Posted on 10/19/2022

Thank you for your previous response on helping my son with learning and recommending ending the homework hassle book. I am reading it and looking at ways to apply what is said in to our...

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Boy is Dr. Jeckyl Sometimes, Mr. Hyde at Others

Posted on 10/17/2022

I have a 10 year old son, who when at school is completely shy and reserved to the teachers concern. At home around his siblings, especially his older brother (12yo), he is a different kid....

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Let's Play! Or Not.

Posted on 10/16/2022

Thank you for your help RE my previous post on homeschooling. I always find this forum so empowering. How do I get my son into sports? He lacks confidence and avoids it. There is a lovely...

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Posted on 10/5/2022

I have been asking questions and seeking advice for a time. Had a coach, but my husband discontinued service. Last time I wrote I mentioned, My husband said we should cut it at the root. He...

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Time for Son to Get Serious About Learning

Posted on 10/3/2022

I home school my son and he really struggles to follow instructions in the workbook. He rushes through without reading the question, doesn’t take the time to work his answers out by just guessing...

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Mentally Drained Mom Seeking Advice

Posted on 9/2/2022

We have a 9 year old girl, 6 year old boy, and 4.5 year old girl. I've read Parenting by The Book twice and The Well Behaved Child twice in the past month. Our 9 year old is the biggest challenge,...

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7 year old and The Ticket to Controlling Their Own Behavior

Posted on 8/25/2022

My 7 yr. old daugher is the youngest of (2) kids, and her anger at home has a short fuse. Every time our 9 yr. old son engages her (as siblings do), she explodes and starts hitting and screaming...

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Posted on 8/17/2022

Our ten year old was caught looking at porn on his friend phone. yesterday. he also was caught on his school computer, last year. we tried to explain to him how wrong it was and took away all his...

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Nighttime Woes Wearing Mom Down

Posted on 7/18/2022

How can I best use tickets or charts for my daughter (just turned 7) when she's having the majority of her behavior issues at bedtime? She's pretty good throughout the day though there are...

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