Moving adjustments for teen

Posted 1 week ago

Our family has just moved to a new town where we don’t know anyone. My daughter has just started 8th grade. She is quiet/shy at school so it has been hard for her to make friends. I’ve...

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Posted 2 weeks ago

We have a 7.5yo son with a habit of yelling/screaming/whining at us when we attempt to talk to him at times when he is misbehaving or breaking family rules. We can barely get the first words out...

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15 month doing what 15 months do

Posted on 8/9/2023

My son (almost 15 months) is having anger issues. If I (or some other adult in his life) set him down in the play area so we can go get things done, he often will get very angry. He will roar with...

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6-Year-Old Pitiful Pouter

Posted on 8/8/2023

My 6 year old son has a big problem losing any type of competition. He cries, pouts, leaves the room. At tennis he will pout and look at the ground etc. How can I motivate him? How do I teach...

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Zoomie solution

Posted on 7/18/2023

My 10 year old daughter is irrationally afraid of our new cat. This is our first family pet and we were all (including our daughter) very excited to bring her home as a kitten about 2 months ago....

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Change happens with commitment

Posted on 7/10/2023

Our 4.5 year old daughter has started having intense meltdowns - screaming and crying with most things bathroom: washing hands, brushing teeth, raising up or putting down toilet lid, flushing...

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Why Are Millennials the Most Entitled Generation?

Posted on 6/14/2023

Do you think Millennials have the strongest sense of entitlement because their parents were too concerned with building up their children's self-esteem?

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