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Connecting Dots Unsettling to Some

Posted 6 days ago

My critics are providing me much material of late for this column and my weekly radio show (Saturdays, 6:00 ET, AFR). Most recently, a family therapist in Kentucky pleads with the Lexington...

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Are College Visits Necessary?

Posted 1 week ago

Q: Our 17-year-old daughter wants to begin visiting colleges. She’s a high-school junior this year and this is when the college visitations begin. We’re feeling like the Grinches Who Stole...

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Respect Is Claimed, Not Owed by a Father

Posted 3 weeks ago

Is a father owed respect from his children? Actually, the question, from a father, was rhetorical: Isn’t a father owed his children’s respect? The dad in question maintains that because he loves...

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Nip Toddler Misbehavior in the Bud

Posted 4 weeks ago

Q: My parents recently told me that my husband and I are letting our toddler run our family and that it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable for them to visit or have us visit with them – they...

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Celebrate Son's Chosen Education, Career Path

Posted on 12/13/2017

Q: Our 18-year-old son made only slightly better than average grades in high school and finished in the top half of his graduating class. He could have done better, but has a history of...

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Question of the Week...

Appropriate Chores for Preschooler

Posted 1 week ago

What chores are appropriate for a four-year-old to start doing on a regular basis?

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Recent Questions & Answers

Out of Control Tantrums!

Posted 2 weeks ago

I have a little 3.5 year old who is completely out of control. I admit we have let him run the house a little bit as he is a little spitfire and makes things unpleasant (i.e. screams as loudly as...

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Speak Less, Act More

Posted 4 weeks ago

I'm a divorced mother of two boys, ages 7 & 9. My sons will stall unendingly with anything that isn't really fun. It makes it really hard to ever accomplish doing anything. Example: We need to...

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Choosing Good Friends

Posted on 12/7/2017

Our 8 year old son is overall a good kid, but he has a good friend that brings out bad behavior when they're together. Our son recognizes that his friend can be a bad influence at times, and at...

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Holiday Shuffle

Posted on 11/28/2017

This question is regarding the upcoming Christmas season and how to handle my mom and my in-laws. My husband and I have disagreements about how to handle both of our families during this time of...

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