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The Realities of Parenting

Posted 6 days ago

PARENTING REALITY, PART ONE: It is all but inevitable that after rattling off a list of provocative, sociopathic stuff his or her child is doing and usually has been doing for quite some time, a...

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More Musings Over Morning Coffee

Posted 2 weeks ago

More musings over morning coffee: FROM THE TRUTH VS. “YOUR TRUTH” DEPARTMENT: The former is grounded in verifiable facts; the latter is the deceptive product of emotion. The...

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Toilet Training Is Not Rocket Science

Posted 2 weeks ago

Talking today’s mother through her first experience with toilet training is akin to talking someone off a ledge. Both situations involve massive anxiety, high drama and lots of yelling and...

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A Few Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

Posted 4 weeks ago

A few thoughts over morning coffee… From the Feedback Department: Certain recent columns of mine have drawn a spike in reader responses, both pro and con. My comments on the...

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Exchange Arrangements Stressful to Pre-Teen Daughter

Posted on 9/12/2018

Q: I am reading your book “The Well-Behaved Child” and have a question that it doesn’t address. I am a single mom with children from two different fathers. One of my ex-husbands (my son’s father)...

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Question of the Week...

Pull-Ups or No Pull-Ups for Naptime Potty Training?

Posted 3 days ago

Hi, We are starting toilet training using your method from your book. Our son is 31.5 months old and this is our first attempt at toilet training him. For night sleeps, he is in a pull-up...

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Recent Questions & Answers

Growing an Independent Three Year Old

Posted 1 week ago

Hello! Our daughter is three and a half years old, and we have noticed that she plays very little independently. When I start cooking, she wants to sit on the counter and help; when I do...

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Use John's ABC or DRC Method for Issues at School?

Posted 3 weeks ago

My son is currently in the 4th grade. At the beginning of the school year, we implemented the "ABC's of Effective Homework Management" and as expected, our son has been slacking on his homework...

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Teaching a Child to Say "I'm Sorry"

Posted 3 weeks ago

How do I make my child say they're sorry when they hurt someone or did something wrong?

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How to Deal With Potty Accidents at Home

Posted on 9/14/2018

My two and a half year old has been potty training for 7 months. She does great when out. When we are home she pees on herself and says nothing. This is ONLY happening at home. What are we to do???

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