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A Proven Solution to 5-Year-Old’s Eating ‘Issues’

Posted 6 days ago

Q: My 5-year-old has had eating issues since he was an infant. When I introduced solid food at six months, he began rejecting most vegetables. His feeding problems have worsened since then to the...

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You Can't Win 'Em All

Posted 1 week ago

I’ve been writing this column for forty-three years and speaking publicly for nearly as long. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that when it comes to my subject matter, you can’t win ‘em...

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Parenting Should Not Be About Instant Gratification

Posted 3 weeks ago

A friend of mine named Scott shared an absolutely brilliant thought with me when I dropped in on him unannounced at his workplace, a bank, the other day. Everyone thinks all I...

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A Look at the Biggest Mistakes Parents Make

Posted 1 month ago

A journalist recently asked me for the single biggest mistake being made by today’s parents. I was tempted to say, “Having children,” but stopped myself because even if I’d followed up with “Just...

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School Discipline in Steady Decline

Posted on 2/12/2019

I receive a steady stream of missives from teachers, ex-teachers, and other folks who have insider knowledge of America’s schools. They all say the same thing – classroom discipline is falling...

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Question of the Week...

Nighttime Potty Training

Posted 5 days ago

I have decided to start potty training my 18 month old daughter soon using the N75 method. I feel pretty prepared but my question is around sleeping. She currently sleeps in a crib and I don't...

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Recent Questions & Answers

In Control Without Controlling

Posted 1 week ago

We seem to be stuck on screen time issues in our house. Our kids, 11 and 7, are allowed 20 minutes a day after they have completed all their chores. This is markedly less time than many children...

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Meaningful or Logical?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Having a hard time with my 3.5 year old boy and what would be a logical consequence - every morning and after nap time he struggles with getting out of bed reasonably. He usually wails and...

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Toying With Grandma

Posted 3 weeks ago

My six-year-old granddaughter is terrible about helping her sister put up toys. She always has been. Before my daughter died, she was trying hard to get her to obey without all the drama, and the...

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Liar! Liar! Six Year Old's Pants on Fire!

Posted 1 month, 1 day ago

My 6 year old son has begun being very sneaky and constantly lies. When we catch him in a lie, he responds that he forgot or he didn’t know it was wrong. Also lies. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve...

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