“John, your wisdom throughout the years has positively impacted my and my 37-year-old son's life, as well as open-minded parents of my students throughout 36 years of teaching. ”


“My daughter (2.5) has heard me listening to John’s podcast, heard me talk about what he teaches, and seen me reading a couple of his books. She’s even tried to “read” them a few times. She’s heard his name mentioned enough times that she asks me several times every month, “Mommy where is John Rosemond? Is he gone bye-bye?” She is learning at a young age that he has good stuff to share. She just doesn’t realize that the wisdom he shares is what is helping us raise her and her brother. Thank you for all you do to help point us in the right direction and encourage us to continue to raise our kids to be good Christian citizens.”


“John has a valuable common sense approach to child rearing presented in an informative and endearing manner!”

Pat M.

“I have been following you for years. Your common sense approach to parenting is intuitive and it works!”


“Thank you SO much for your advice. Things are going much better. A lot of the drama and stress has been cut down and both kids (2 and 15 months) are happier. I have been praying about it and seeking Godly counsel from a mother in my church who parents the “old school” way. I am all for the old-school way that John teaches, and I have seen it work. I am trying to raise my kids that way. I made two lists and put them on the fridge for when I am too tired to remember. One list has the issues we are working on and then the consequences. The other list has important things written down, such as put God and marriage first, use few words, be confident, don’t let kids frustrate you, etc. These lists and the wisdom you have shared have worked. We are still working on my daughter’s (2 yr) attitude problem but a lot of the other issues are clearing up. She is now totally diaper-free and this morning woke up for the first time totally dry. Thank you so much for listening and giving such good advice.”


“I love your common sense advice and the straightforward way you give it! Thanks for continuing your mission and giving us hope and laughter as we try to raise productive citizens in this crazy world!”


“Your words and leadership helped me through some difficult times when I was raising two small boys in California. That was before "woke" was a term, but I knew that I was up against a culture of parents that were opposed to the values that I was raised with in the Southeast. Thank you for being the voice of reason for me. My sons are teenagers now, and your advice still helps!”


“Katherine Saltzberg has been my rock as my parenting coach. Some of her greatest qualities are: reliable, consistent, persistent, insightful and positive. I’m a single mother trained as a mental health professional so I’ve had some obstacles to overcome! Katherine has been steadfast and unwavering. She has helped me develop a plan and has helped me to stick with it. It’s working!”

Kansas City, MO

“Elizabeth Hanson has given us counseling and guidance to help us succeed with our home school planning. When I feel overwhelmed, scared, or lose my confidence, she offers words of wisdom and support. She always reminds me that children learn best in a loving environment and to enjoy my children while they discover the world.”

Pittsburg, PA

“I'm so glad to have found you and your books. I am a new mother of two (2 years and 7 months) and was desperately looking for GOOD guidance that was faith based and made sense. I heard of your work from a blog I was reading and ordered one of your books. I want to raise my children the way God wants me to. You're teaching me how to do that with Parenting by the Book, which is such a breath of fresh air. So insightful! I wish everyone had to read this book. The world would be a better place. It is because of you and my children will be disciplined properly. THANK YOU for figuring out some of these important lessons and sharing them.”


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