"The child who is disciplined as well as he or she is loved is a happy, healthy child. "

Anxieties, Fears

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Try the 'No-Talking Cure' for Childhood Fears

Posted on 2/7/2018

A true story: When my daughter, Amy, was a pre-teen, she became anxious about going to sleep because of fears of dying in the middle of the night. When I tucked her in (I was her preferred...

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Parents Should Keep Kid With Irrational Fears Grounded

Posted on 9/27/2017

Q: Over the past year, our 4-year-old has developed several fears that have become quite disruptive. It started with a fear of dogs, which is inconvenient given that there are lots of dogs in our...

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Use Godfather Principle to Nip Fear of Doctor in the Bud

Posted on 9/20/2016

Q: Over the past year or so, our 5-year-old has developed an extreme fear of going to the doctor or dentist. This came on suddenly, without a precipitating incident. The crying begins when we...

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Have a Game Plan for Daughter's Anxiety

Posted on 6/28/2016

Q: My 8-year-old daughter is having anxiety issues that seem to border on obsessive-compulsive disorder. She wants me to repeat certain things back to her and has a set routine of things I must...

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Don't Turn Bedtime Fears Into a Disciplinary Issue

Posted on 4/5/2016

Q: My 6-year-old daughter watched too many episodes of a certain TV show when she was sick and now she doesn't want to go to sleep at night because she is having scary thoughts related to the...

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Bedtime Fears

Posted on 3/10/2015

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond Q: About six months ago, our four-year old daughter began complaining of being afraid to be alone at bedtime. Upon questioning, she told us she was...

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Teenagers

Posted on 2/24/2015

<b>Q: My 13-year-old son has developed overwhelming anxiety about going to school. This began a year ago, but has gotten steadily worse since then. At this point, he fights me every morning about...

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Pulling Her Hair Out

Posted on 7/15/2014

Q: Since our daughter, now 2 years old, was born we have lived with my parents. Being the first and only grandchild she has been the center of attention. Several months ago, our son was...

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Head Banging

Posted on 7/1/2014

Q: When he throws a tantrum, which happens several times a day, my 20-month-old often gets down on the floor and starts banging his head. Worried that he may hurt himself, I pick him up and...

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Don't laugh!

Posted on 3/25/2014

Q: Our 4-year-old daughter has a huge problem with being laughed at. She loves to be goofy and do funny things but as soon as someone, including one of us, laughs at her she becomes upset. She...

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Recent Questions

Prepping a 6 y/o for Surgery

Posted on 5/25/2018

What would be the best way to prepare a 6 year old boy for an upcoming surgery? Do I let him know about it a few days in advance? Tell him the morning of? He is a worrier, so I'm not sure how...

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Posted on 5/8/2018

Have custody of a now, 4 year old Grandson. Mom abandoned him at about 18 months old, moved to Florida to make porn. Returned after that didn't work for her. My husband and I refused to allow...

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Tantrumming 5 year old

Posted on 4/14/2018

My 5-year-old, who is an otherwise happy, well-behaved child, cries at the drop of a hat if she perceives something has gone wrong or may go wrong soon (especially if she can't find something)....

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Teen Depressed or Just a Normal Teen?

Posted on 4/2/2018

My 17yo daughter claims to be anxious and depressed due to lack of best friends. She was homeschooled until junior year, when she enrolled in the local community college full time. She's getting...

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Active Shooter Drills Prompts Fears in 8 Year Old

Posted on 3/16/2018

Recently, our 8-year-old came home from school talking about whether the best way to run away from a “bad guy with a gun in school” was in a straight line or in a zig-zag fashion. Apparently the...

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Early Riser, Fearful Playtime

Posted on 3/11/2018

Our almost 6 year old is an early riser. He is to stay in his room until 6 am and is then allowed to come down and play quietly. Lately he has been coming down and waking up mom and dad because...

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4yro anxiety/disobedience

Posted on 3/8/2018

Hello again I had just written to you last week about my sons anxiety. Well ever since this constant anxiety he’s been having and we have been doing what you said and I️t has helped. However he...

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Anxiety in a 4 yr. old

Posted on 2/27/2018

Hello!! My son is four and will be five in May. He has started experiencing some horrible anxiety or something. For awhile he asked us constantly if we were going to have a tornado, because there...

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Stay Calm with Anxious Toddler

Posted on 2/24/2018

Our 20 month old son is potty trained since January. This week he got constipated. We used Pedia-lax to get him to poop. However, the last time we used it (Pedia-lax) he was clearly not...

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An Anxious Third Grader, Follow up

Posted on 2/21/2018

I'm replying to "Anxious Third Grader" that Sarah Hamaker wrote in response to my initial question. Hello Sarah, Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I really appreciate it. I...

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