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Learning Disabilities

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The Great Pre-K Debate

Posted on 8/28/2018

It has long been known, but only spoken of in hushed tones by university professors sitting in darkened rooms wearing Fat Elvis masks, that pre-Kindergarten “jump-start” (aka, “push-down”)...

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ADHD and a Psychological Approach to Child Rearing

Posted on 5/13/2003

ADHD IS PRICE WE PAY FOR 'PSYCHOLOGICAL' CHILD REARING A fellow recently asked if it were true, as he had heard, that I "don't believe" in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? My...

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Medication and TV

Posted on 4/9/2002

AUTHORS WAGE WAR ON RITALIN, TV Go into almost any elementary school in America just before noon and you'll see a slowly moving line of children outside the main office. Ask and you'll be told...

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Teacher of 6-Year-Old Who Has Trouble Learning to Read Thinks He Has Dyslexia

Posted on 1/16/1997

IF EVALUATION REVEALS DYSLEXIA, BE SURE CHILD WILL BE TAUGHT BY CORRECT METHOD Q. My 6-year-old is having difficulty learning to read, and his teacher - who teaches by what she calls the...

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Don't Define Child by Category

Posted on 11/18/1994

IT'S BEST NOT TO DEFINE A CHILD BY A CATEGORY Peruse the Child Care section of any major chain bookstore today and you will find books on the ADD (attention deficit disorder) child, the LD...

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Definition of a Learning Disability

Posted on 1/7/1994

LEARNING DISABILITY IS A CHALLENGE; IT DOESN'T MEAN A CHILD CAN'T LEARN Q. What is a learning disability? A. The term "learning disability'' refers to an insidious neurological or...

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Dyslexia Debate

Posted on 7/3/1992

UNPROVEN THEORIES ON DYSLEXIA ARE NO HELP, DESPITE WHAT OTHERS SAY A learning disabilities specialist in Long Beach, Calif., advises that I educate myself. A psychologist in Pennsylvania...

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8-Year-Old Diagnosed with Dyslexia

Posted on 6/26/1992

WHAT WE CALL DYSLEXIA MAY JUST BE A CHILD'S MATURITY LEVEL Q. Our 8-year-old son, a third-grader, was recently tested because of reading difficulties and found to be dyslexic. According to...

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Opposed to Pulling Learning-Disabled Children out of Regular Classroom

Posted on 2/21/1992

PULLING SLOW KIDS OUT OF CLASS FOR EXTRA HELP? BETTER NOT Q. You seem opposed to serving the special needs of learning disabled children during school hours. If I read you correctly, you...

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9-Year-Old with Learning Disability Homework Issue

Posted on 12/23/1990

LEARNING-DISABLED NEED A CAN-DO' APPROACH Q. I just finished reading your latest book, "Ending the Homework Hassle," and I'm disappointed. Your plan for getting children to be responsible...

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Recent Questions

It's Her Problem to Solve

Posted 2 weeks ago

My daughter is struggling in school since grade 2. She's in French immersion. She has failed three tests in a row so far because she didn't study for them.. Her teacher says that she seems to...

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Emotional Intelligence Begins With Good Manners

Posted on 6/14/2020

Are you familiar with the term 2e kids? Or twice exceptional? Our 10 year old son appears to fall into this category. He is at above average intelligence, but his emotional iq is lacking and a...

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Talking to Kids About Dyslexia

Posted on 6/11/2020

My son has a moderate case of dyslexia, and he is 10. Our daughter, who is 7, has a mild case of dyslexia. Our son, of course, knows he is dyslexic, however, we have not told our daughter she is...

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School Age Attention Seeker

Posted on 11/5/2018

I have a 10 yo who says she is good at nothing, not intelligent, not good at school. She is not putting effort in nothing she is doing. She doesn't want to do her homeworks and doesn't care if...

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School Toy Story

Posted on 3/29/2018

Hi, I have a question regarding my almost 7 year old daughter. Last year she got kicked out of kindergarten after 3 suspensions in the first few months of school. She was then sent to a...

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Toddler communicates by grunting, whining, and pointing.

Posted on 12/25/2017

Hello, my 27 month old has a speech delay and is currently in speech therapy. We are using sign language to help communicate. He becomes easily frustrated when we can’t understand what he’s...

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Calm Down Please!

Posted on 9/12/2017

My daughter is now 8 1/2 - through the years I have written to you about her personality - last year she was diagnosed with Dyslexia - which has explained where the low self esteem has come from....

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What to do about testing?

Posted on 5/21/2017

((This question is in response to a previous question which was not helpful to us. Hopefully the additional information that we've provided will help you to better understand.)) > Our 8 year old...

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Immature Teen Has Cursing Problems

Posted on 1/18/2017

We have an immature 16-year-old with a potty mouth. This son of ours has mental delays as well. Strikes us as closer to 12 or so mentally. We have ten children, some adopted with handicaps. This...

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ADD/ADHD controversy.

Posted on 10/26/2016

I have a 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son. We had my daughter tested this summer for a suspected learning difference. She struggles with reading and comprehension. My husband has...

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