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On Psychiatric Diagnoses and Psychiatric Drugs

Posted on 7/31/2023

Just finished listening to John’s latest,’Because I Said So,’ entitled—The Politics of Psychiatric Diagnoses. Does the diagnosis of Schizophrenia which my son-in-law has received also fall under...

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The Problem with Child Psychology

Posted 4 weeks ago

John Rosemond offers a fresh view of the family and the roles of parents. While revisiting "old-fashioned" methods of childrearing and offering new ideas, Rosemond shows that parenting is really...

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From Childrearing to Mental Health

Posted on 4/4/2023

As Christian parents, have we gotten so wrapped up in the game of life that we’ve neglected or forgotten the basics? Listen to John on License to Parent with host Trace Embry. From <a...

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It's All in Your Attitude!

Posted on 3/16/2023

John Rosemond talks about Post-Modern Psychological Parenting, debunks Behavior Modification, explains how problems are a function of parenting styles and gives examples and anecdotes, all the...

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Things You Need to Know Before Seeing a Psychologist (Webinar Recording)

Posted on 5/16/2023

The average Joe or JoAnne don't really understand therapeutic, clinical or counseling psychology. They don't know, when they're making an appointment with a psychologist, what they're getting...

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