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Determinism Muddies Parental Judgement

Posted on 10/24/2018

As the current school year kicked off, I began hearing the same-old, same-old report from teachers and principals: children who have never lied. At least, that is what the parents of said children...

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Choose One: High Achievement or Good Morals

Posted on 3/14/2018

Parents of children who habitually lie can breathe a huge sigh of relief – The New York Times says that budding Pinocchios are more intelligent than kids who tell the truth (“Is Your Child Lying...

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8 year old Grandson is Lying

Posted on 6/17/2014

Q: We are very concerned about our 8-year-old grandson’s lying. He always pleads innocence and wonders plaintively why no one ever believes him. When someone confronts him with some misdeed...

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Ask Me No Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies

Posted on 3/8/2024

Lately, I’ve noticed my 6-year-old daughter telling lies. One day she was playing with her baby sister, and I suddenly heard the baby cry like she was in pain, so I figured she hurt herself in...

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Lying 2.5-Year-Old??

Posted on 1/30/2024

My 2.5 year old daughter has started lying and it is quickly becoming a big issue in our home. I know that John says something like, “Ask no questions, they’ll tell you lies.” So I have tried to...

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Overspending Lunch Account

Posted on 11/16/2023

My son's school is using a new foodservice company. There have been some bumps as they navigate how to configure it. As of now 5-12 grades are allowed to bill whatever they want to the family...

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Posted on 6/26/2023

15 yr old is adamant his 13 yr old brother is a liar and will bring it up every chance he gets. 13 yr old was packing for a camp last week and told me he still needed swim trunks. I thought...

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The Lying Game

Posted on 6/26/2023

Our 12 y.o. son has been lying to us, but most concerning is about injuries received on his face and neck after school. The first incident he had scratches on his neck which he blamed on tree...

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8-yo girl lying and "sneaking"

Posted on 4/13/2023

We are struggling with disciplining our 8 year old daughter for lying and “sneaking”. Mostly because she continues to deny the lies & repeats “my parents never believe me”. We are worried that we...

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Why doesn't he hand in the homework?

Posted on 2/17/2023

We have a 12 year old son who is in the 7th grade (junior high) this year. He is a good kid who has lots of friends and is very active in sports and does quite well. Our problem this past school...

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mom worried 4 yo boy is lying

Posted on 12/30/2022

When do children know/understand what lies are? I have a 4 year old, who sometimes tells fantastical stories that I truly believe he thinks are real. But I know that he is malevolently lying about...

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Mentally Drained Mom Seeking Advice

Posted on 9/2/2022

We have a 9 year old girl, 6 year old boy, and 4.5 year old girl. I've read Parenting by The Book twice and The Well Behaved Child twice in the past month. Our 9 year old is the biggest challenge,...

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Time for a Reboot

Posted on 5/18/2022

Since the first email our son (8yrs) was operated on for septic arthritis 6 months ago. The pain returned 2weeks ago (now gone). His hip bone has a small weakness and he needs to ensure he has no...

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