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When Phases and a New Baby Coming Collide

Posted 1 week ago

Hi, we transitioned my son to a full bed because he began climbing out of his crib, and it was becoming unsafe. He has always been a great independent sleeper. However, now he requires either me...

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Time for a New Approach with 6YO

Posted 1 week ago

My son turns 6 next month and has hit a stage where if I use alpha speech and he doesn’t like what we’re doing, he follows me around whining or trying to convince me otherwise. If I tell him to go...

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Retraining will be challenging, possible and necessary.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Due with baby #3 in 9mon… 4yo and 2.5yo still sleeping with mom and dad, 2.5yo not potty trained. Where do we start in retraining our children so that our bed can be child free, and out of diapers...

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How to Deal with 13-Year-Old’s Misbehavior at Home

Posted on 4/19/2024

Do you recommend the Ticket system for a 13-year-old girl who is not getting along with a younger sibling, and is very stubborn about getting her way? She does well in school and is respectful...

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My Daughter is Refusing Foods at Mealtime

Posted on 3/21/2024

Hello, my 13-month-old is refusing to eat what we are serving her at lunch or dinner. She has no problems with the eggs in the morning even when I add vegetables or meats. She will either just...

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"Special Tantrum Place" for Tantrums

Posted on 2/28/2024

My son (21 months) is in full blown “terrible twos.” He does lots of throwing fits. When they happen he gets a swat on the bottom and has to sit in his bed until he will be sweet and say he’s...

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Avoid Pushing Toddler Too Early

Posted on 1/9/2024

My daughter is 2.5. I don’t plan on starting homeschooling for quite a while yet but my husband feels like we should start working on letters. He started working with her on numbers when she was...

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Don't Play with a 14-Year-Old

Posted on 12/29/2023

Long story short, after finding out my nearly 14 yr old daughter tells her stepmom how much she hates me and her stepfamily from my side and how much she wants to live with her dad I conceded and...

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Toddlers struggle with rules.

Posted on 11/30/2023

How do I teach my little people (2.5 and 1.5) to have respect? Often the baby will scream and yell for what he wants and doesn’t use much English yet. My daughter talks clearly but often demands...

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Cutting the apron strings 3yo

Posted on 11/5/2023

Our daughter is an only child, and I am a stay at home wife. She turned three in June and we are starting to have some difficulties separating her from our interactions as husband and wife during...

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Assuming the Power of Parenthood

Posted on 1/1/2011

In the 1960s and ‘70s, American parents embraced a new, psychological vision of children and child rearing. This new paradigm, which John calls “Postmodern Psychological Parenting,” is the...

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The Seasons of Parenting

Posted on 10/13/2023

It can be a temptation for many parents to substitute a friendly relationship with their children over one of proper authority. A misunderstanding of the seasons of parenting can lead to...

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Parenting Teenagers

Posted on 6/28/2023

The teenage years are well known for being a time of difficulty and conflict between parent and child. The teenager has a new desire for the privileges of adulthood, but must first learn the...

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