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Nighttime Potty Training

Posted on 11/8/2017

My daughter is 4 and a half years old. She still wears a diaper/pull-up at night. Up until now, I've assumed that she sleeps through peeing. Months ago I'd wake up twice in the night to take her...

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4 Year Old Bedwetting Trials

Posted on 8/3/2017

Our 4.5 year old son has been day time potty trained since 22 months but has NEVER been night time dry. He had his tonsils and adenoids out a few months ago and our pediatrician said that may help...

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Heavy Sleeper & Bedwetting 5-year-old

Posted on 4/4/2017

My, now 5 1/2 year old, son was successfully potty trained at 21 months. Basically ever since, we have been trying to night train him but to no avail. He wears a pull up, which he hates doing...

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5 Year Old Wets the Bed

Posted on 1/21/2017

We potty trained my now 5 year old son when he was 4. He went a year without wetting the bed through the night but now at 5 (almost 6) he is soaking the bed every night. I make him clean up the...

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4 ½-year-old bedwetting in Pull-ups.

Posted on 9/16/2016

My 4.5 year old son is still waking up wet every night. Nine months ago we tried going with no pull-ups for six weeks. He woke up wet every single night, sometimes more than once. Never did he...

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Pre-schooler bed wetting at night and defiant behavior

Posted on 7/19/2016

My son is 41/2 years old. I have not been able to night train him. I finally put him back in pampers after trying underpants since he was three. At two he wore pullups to bed and was day trained....

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6 year old potty training issue

Posted on 3/8/2016

We are trying to night time potty train my 6 yr old son. He was doing pretty good, having a couple accidents a week, and then he went a 10 day stretch of NO accidents. Now, he pee's every single...

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Diapers versus pull-ups

Posted on 2/6/2016

Just a quick follow up to your response to my recent question. Why do you recommend a diaper at night instead of a pull up?

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Older Bed Wetter

Posted on 2/6/2016

Dr. Rosemond My grandson is 12 years and 3 months old and still wets the bed at night. His mother has taken him to see 2 pediatricians, tried Hypnotherapy and a Sleep Alarm. Do you have any...

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2 Year Old Bedwetting

Posted on 2/2/2016

My younger son is still not able to stay dry through the night. We ditched diapers (day and night) in May 2015 at 23 months old. Per Melanie's suggestion we put him back in a pull up at night in...

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