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Toilet Training

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Toilet Training Is Not Rocket Science

Posted on 9/26/2018

Talking today’s mother through her first experience with toilet training is akin to talking someone off a ledge. Both situations involve massive anxiety, high drama and lots of yelling and...

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Debunking Hot Potty Training Myths

Posted on 8/14/2018

“Potty training is a nightmare.” So begins advice from Meghan Leahy, advice columnist for The Washington Post. More accurately, potty training has, of late, BECOME a nightmare, thanks to advice of...

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I Spy Toilet-Training Atrocities

Posted on 7/10/2018

Strolling through my go-to grocery store the other day, I happened down the Baby Products aisle where I spied packages of toilet-training pants featuring pictures of happy children who looked at...

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Nip Toddler Misbehavior in the Bud

Posted on 12/19/2017

Q: My parents recently told me that my husband and I are letting our toddler run our family and that it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable for them to visit or have us visit with them – they...

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Key to Toilet Training Success: Start Early

Posted on 8/2/2017

Q: Our twin girls will be three in a few months. Our pediatrician recommended that we start toilet training at 32 months, which we did. After several months and lots of gnashing of teeth, one of...

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Pull-Ups & Adoption Age

Posted on 9/16/2014

Q: My 23-month-old son does well with potty training when we’re at home. We use a “potty bell” and he goes every 90 minutes or so. When we’re away from home, however, he seems clueless. He...

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Parental Anxiety

Posted on 8/12/2014

On one of my websites I, along with a team of certified parent coaches, answer questions submitted by parents. In the last two days, 67 percent of the questions have concerned toilet...

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Diapers at night

Posted on 7/22/2014

Q: Using your advice, I successfully toilet-trained my daughter by age 16 months. It is now three months later and we are still using diapers at naps and nighttime. At her nap, which lasts...

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Potty Training: It's a process

Posted on 6/24/2014

Q: My 26-month-old daughter will go on the potty happily every hour when told (we’re using your “potty bell” and it’s working extremely well) and produces every time. As a result, she’s having...

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Patient Approach to Toilet Training

Posted on 6/10/2014

Q: We began toilet training our daughter when she was 21 months old. Within 10 days, she was consistently using the toilet for Number One. She now wears underwear 24/7 because she doesn’t...

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Recent Questions

Night Time Accidents

Posted 2 days ago

Background: We started training my daughter at 20 months and she was quickly and easily trained, lucky me. At 24 months we stopped diapers and naptime with great success. Issue: In November, at...

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Half Accidents

Posted 1 week ago

We started potty training my son at 23 months. He is now 26 and has been "mostly" trained for at least a couple of months. We still have a couple of issues. He sometimes has accidents at...

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When to Start Potty Training?

Posted 2 weeks ago

I’m wondering about the best time to start potty training. Today my 18 month old daughter told me in the car “poo poo! Poo poo!” and started whining. I told her we were almost home and she was...

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Back to the Basics of N75

Posted 2 weeks ago

My 2.5 year old (32 months) has been potty trained for several months but recently has decided he won't go independently. He has access to both a small potty and the regular potty with a...

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A Mother's Defeat????

Posted on 1/7/2019

Part of John Rosemond's advice is to stay calm. It sounds simple, but I've read the well behaved child and making the terrible twos terrific, but I still can't figure out how to stay calm. I tried...

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N75 with 18 month old

Posted on 1/4/2019

We are on day 5 of N75 with our 18 month old son, and we're wondering if any of this is sinking in with him. He is a smart kid, but extremely opinionated and stubborn. He refuses to stay put on...

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Soaking wet toddler at night worries Mom

Posted on 1/1/2019

My husband and I started N75 with our 18-month-old son yesterday, and as I was starting this question, my son had his first success going pee in the potty. It's been nonstop accidents up to this...

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Pre-Schooler Potty Accidents

Posted on 12/26/2018

HI there, My 4.5 year old has been fully potty-trained from around 2+ with occasional pee leaks. During christmas dinner at a friend's house, he had a full-on poo accident in his pants - he was...

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Potty Training at Preschool

Posted on 12/16/2018

We started potty training my son 5 weeks ago when he was almost 23 months old using the "Naked and $75" method. We were so pleased/surprised that within a week or so he seemed to get it! He has...

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Potty Persistence

Posted on 11/26/2018

My daughter just turned 2, and we started trying to potty train her about 4 weeks ago. We kept her naked and stayed home as much as possible in the beginning. Sometimes she'll go 60-90 minutes...

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