"In the eyes of a child, parents are "mean" when the child discovers that they mean what they say. "

Toilet Training

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Nip Toddler Misbehavior in the Bud

Posted on 12/19/2017

Q: My parents recently told me that my husband and I are letting our toddler run our family and that it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable for them to visit or have us visit with them – they...

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Key to Toilet Training Success: Start Early

Posted on 8/2/2017

Q: Our twin girls will be three in a few months. Our pediatrician recommended that we start toilet training at 32 months, which we did. After several months and lots of gnashing of teeth, one of...

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Pull-Ups & Adoption Age

Posted on 9/16/2014

Q: My 23-month-old son does well with potty training when we’re at home. We use a “potty bell” and he goes every 90 minutes or so. When we’re away from home, however, he seems clueless. He...

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Parental Anxiety

Posted on 8/12/2014

On one of my websites I, along with a team of certified parent coaches, answer questions submitted by parents. In the last two days, 67 percent of the questions have concerned toilet...

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Diapers at night

Posted on 7/22/2014

Q: Using your advice, I successfully toilet-trained my daughter by age 16 months. It is now three months later and we are still using diapers at naps and nighttime. At her nap, which lasts...

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Potty Training: It's a process

Posted on 6/24/2014

Q: My 26-month-old daughter will go on the potty happily every hour when told (we’re using your “potty bell” and it’s working extremely well) and produces every time. As a result, she’s having...

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Patient Approach to Toilet Training

Posted on 6/10/2014

Q: We began toilet training our daughter when she was 21 months old. Within 10 days, she was consistently using the toilet for Number One. She now wears underwear 24/7 because she doesn’t...

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Recent Questions

Wiping after restroom use

Posted 4 days ago

Hi there, when is it appropriate for my 33 month old to begin wiping himself after a bm? We are currently potty training, and I’ve been wiping him. My only concern is he will start a Mother’s Day...

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Potty Training after Illness

Posted 2 weeks ago

We started toilet training in early March using N75, when our daughter was 22 mos (now 25 mos). She's made great progress with bladder control - rarely has wet accidents, and seemed to be doing...

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Who's In Charge?

Posted 3 weeks ago

I asked a question recently related to potty training and part of the answer was that I needed to reestablish myself as the head of the household. And that is so true!!! I have had an in going...

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Bed wetting for 20 month old

Posted 3 weeks ago

So, I have been observing things for a bit and it turns out my daughter is definitely asleep when she wets her bed at night. So, how do we handle this? She’s 20 months, and we’ve been potty...

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Potty Training after Set Back

Posted 3 weeks ago

I am one week into potty training my son, who just turned two years old. I had read John's book and was ready to be cool and calm, but that only lasted a couple of days. We had some early success...

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Just Do It

Posted 3 weeks ago

Have wanted to start training my now 20 month old for a while now, the problem is 90% of the time when you tell her to go on the potty she throws a fit. I have read toilet training with out...

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Potty Training Regression After New Baby

Posted on 5/24/2018

My middle son, just turned age 3, has been potty trained since before age 2 successfully. However, in the last few weeks he has started pooping his pants again almost daily. We have a 5 month...

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Day Care Potty Issue

Posted on 5/22/2018

My son, who is 3.5, has been potty trained at home and out in public since his third birthday (later than you recommend, but we only just found you and became apostles about 4 or 5 months ago. We...

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Toilet Tantrums

Posted on 5/18/2018

Our recently turned 3 year old son who has been toilet trained for almost a year is now wetting his pants on purpose when he does not get his way. This happens sometimes in the car and at home and...

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Nighttime Toilet Training 19-month-old

Posted on 5/17/2018

I have a question about night training. My daughter is 19 months and doing really well with daytime potty training. Still has a few accidents but mostly going both #1 and #2 on her little potty....

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