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Connect Son With Person You Both Trust

Posted on 12/20/2022

Q: Our fifteen-year-old son has pronounced mental health issues. He deals with multiple anxieties, depression, and is painfully shy. You seem to believe that psychological therapy is of...

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Child Mental Health Therapy: Any Proof It Does Any Good?

Posted on 8/30/2022

In a 6 – 3 decision, the Killingly, CT, school board recently said “no” to establishing a mental health center at its high school. I imagine most folks, upon hearing that, would be dismayed,...

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The Problem with Child Psychology

Posted on 9/1/2023

John Rosemond offers a fresh view of the family and the roles of parents. While revisiting "old-fashioned" methods of childrearing and offering new ideas, Rosemond shows that parenting is really...

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From Childrearing to Mental Health

Posted on 4/4/2023

As Christian parents, have we gotten so wrapped up in the game of life that we’ve neglected or forgotten the basics? Listen to John on License to Parent with host Trace Embry. From <a...

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