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Character over emotions for 5yo

Posted on 10/16/2023

Our 5 year old shows signs of anxiety, and especially separation anxiety. It started when he was two, we moved 5 homes in 6 months (transitioning from the mission field) Bedtimes can be...

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15 month doing what 15 months do

Posted on 8/9/2023

My son (almost 15 months) is having anger issues. If I (or some other adult in his life) set him down in the play area so we can go get things done, he often will get very angry. He will roar with...

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Why Are Millennials the Most Entitled Generation?

Posted on 6/14/2023

Do you think Millennials have the strongest sense of entitlement because their parents were too concerned with building up their children's self-esteem?

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It's All in Your Attitude!

Posted on 3/16/2023

John Rosemond talks about Post-Modern Psychological Parenting, debunks Behavior Modification, explains how problems are a function of parenting styles and gives examples and anecdotes, all the...

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Assuming the Power of Parenthood

Posted on 1/1/2011

In the 1960s and ‘70s, American parents embraced a new, psychological vision of children and child rearing. This new paradigm, which John calls “Postmodern Psychological Parenting,” is the...

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Insights into Parenting with John Rosemond | The Mind For Life Podcast

Posted on 6/29/2023

In this interview, John walks through his philosophy of parenting and childrearing. Topics that John talks about: • HIs background and journey to becoming and expert in the field of child...

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