"How do you get a child to do what he's told the first time he's told? Don't ever repeat yourself. "


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6 1/2 yo Mother versus Father

Posted on 8/3/2014

I have twin 6.5 year old girls. My husband and I have different parenting styles. I expect my girls to listen to me the first time I ask something - he is more tolerant of asking repeatedly. I get...

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The Social Life of a 6 Year Old

Posted on 6/7/2014

I'm getting a complex and feeling like I must be a really mean parent. Perhaps I am. Could you please let me know if I have done the right thing? My daughter who is six has been invited to another...

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Cut the Sweets!

Posted on 5/29/2014

Hi there, My daughter is 9, I have noticed in the last year that she is becoming "thicker". Growing out of ALL of her size 10 shorts and pants, I can see that she eats quite a bit ( especially...

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16 yo disrespectful after visits with dad

Posted on 4/28/2014

My 16 year old daughter came home from weekend visitation with her father (diagnosed sociopath). As usual, upon return she is very cool and distant. When I went to the living room to visit with...

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Teens and Spirituality

Posted on 4/26/2014

Dr. Rosemond: I have an eighteen year old daughter who has lived the last five years (approximately) with her mom and step-father and she is getting ready to graduate. On one level or another I...

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