An Inconvenient Phobia

Posted on 10/27/2023

Our oldest daughter just turned six. She’s always had a hard time at the doctor & dentist. At almost 3, she was put under to put caps on her front teeth, and when one of them developed an abscess...

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Boy is Dr. Jeckyl Sometimes, Mr. Hyde at Others

Posted on 10/17/2022

I have a 10 year old son, who when at school is completely shy and reserved to the teachers concern. At home around his siblings, especially his older brother (12yo), he is a different kid....

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Shy 7 Year Old

Posted on 12/31/2021

My 7 year old first-grader has trouble joining into social situations. He plays well with his 5 year old brother, but with peers, he goes off on his own, and will tell stories to himself (I...

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2 year old Hair Cut Anxiety

Posted on 5/21/2021

Hello, my son is 2 years and 3 months old. He has not had a full evaluation for autism yet but is showing signs and is nonverbal. He is in desperate need of a haircut but anytime we have taken him...

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Shyness Not A Character Defect

Posted on 12/13/2020

My daughter (age 16) is extremely shy and always has been. Recently due to my divorce situation, we had to relocate and so making friends has been a struggle. However, I have observed her...

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Helping the Shy Child

Posted on 4/2/2019

Hello! Our oldest daughter is going on 4 next month. She has always been on the quiet side. The last week few weeks I have noticed that when we receive company or we go visit others that she...

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Should You Worry About a Shy Kid?

Posted on 1/3/2019

My 10 year old daughter is shy and has trouble making friends. She can handle one on one situations, but she shuts down in a group. (and one on one is rarely the case as she has two sisters near...

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Shy at 3 is ok.

Posted on 4/19/2018

I am concerned about 3 years old daughter. She is in preschool twice a week. She likes to go to school very much But there is a problem- she is quiet and never talks in school. The teacher says...

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Greetings from a two year old.

Posted on 3/16/2018

Hi there, my 30 month old does not like saying hi to others. When someone says hi, hello, what a cutie, etc. he reacts with a loud NO and then turns away. Any advice on how I can civilize him on...

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Shyness not a problem

Posted on 1/29/2018

I am concerned that my 20 year old son, who is a sophomore in college, is having trouble making friends. He has roommates but doesn't really hang around with them. He tried a fraternity but it...

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Craving mom

Posted on 1/21/2018

My almost 3 year old girl has seemed to have anxiety/fear since a very young age and it's building to unhealthy limits. At a young age, I would try to drop her off at church nursery, but she would...

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4.5 Year Old No Longer Social With Adults

Posted on 9/4/2016

I have a 4 1/2 year old girl who was open and friendly until about age 3, and has become increasingly standoffish. No major family changes, so I'm wondering if this is an ages/stages thing....

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15 yo Social Skills

Posted on 6/8/2015

Our dilemma is regarding our 15 year-old son. He has become withdrawn over that past 2 years and more stoic. He has mastered the skill of suppressing his emotions when it comes to situations...

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OK to be a follower?

Posted on 6/3/2015

My almost 6 1/2 year old is a very observant and always has been. Instead of jumping right in- it takes her awhile and she like to watch first- which I have grown to love. I have always known she...

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4 yo won't respond to adults

Posted on 5/2/2015

My 4.5 yr old son often does not respond to adults (and often children) when they greet him or ask him a question. I will ask him a simple question (what do you want to eat at a restaurant) and he...

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8 year old Standing Up for Himself

Posted on 8/28/2014

This is a question about our 8.5 year old boy. I have read you recognize 'boy behavior'-boys not keeping their hands to themselves,etc. and that it is normal. My boys experience this at Sunday...

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4 YO...Shyness?

Posted on 4/22/2014

Hello, Would you please give me some insight in to this latest odd behavior coming from my four year old daughter. Lately, she will exhibit this odd assortment of behaviors in front of people...

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sensitive 3 yo anxious around rowdy kids

Posted on 4/16/2014

HI John, Have you any advice for a child of 3 years, with a sensitive, cautious temperament, in dealing with more rowdy, active children? She has never been to childcare. However many kids out...

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Solitary 13 YO

Posted on 11/6/2013

In "Teen Proofing" it mentions a balance of how teens should spend spare time. My 13 y/o son prefers solitary activities (drums, lifting weights). He does participate in church youth group (we...

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5 year old : starting friendships

Posted on 12/20/2012

At 5, my daughter loves to play with kids close to her age, but has not yet asked that any of her kindergarten group of friends come over for a play date. According to the teacher she plays well...

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8 year old : Looking Adults in the Eye

Posted on 8/24/2012

Our eight year old son is a relatively well behaved boy, but one thing that irks me is he doesn't look adults in the eye when he is introduced to them. No matter how many times I tell him to shake...

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Timid 3 year old

Posted on 8/4/2008

My 3 year old son is very timid around other children. In public places, like a playground or pool, he will not play much where other children are playing. He generally shies away from large...

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Introverted child

Posted on 11/2/2006

My daughter is in first grade and enjoys school, does very well, and has no discipline problems. However, she is extremely quiet. I was told by her kingergarten teacher that she is one of the...

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Posted on 7/18/2006

My just turned 3 year old son is a pleasant, polite child except for when he is saying "hello" and "goodbye". At these times, when people greet him, he will turn his head abruptly away and make a...

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Shy or Rude, Part II

Posted on 7/16/2006

I have a follow-up question for you on the subject of how to deal with shyness. You have previously answered questions on the subject in "Shyness." Our three and a half year old son is an...

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