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3 year old needs more time to adjust to playing at preschool

Posted on 1/13/2020

Hi! I have spoken with a coach via email, and was happy with the response. I recently spoke with my recently turned 3 year old son’s teachers, and had a chance to sit in on one of his church child...

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How to Discipline at Home for Misbehavior at School

Posted on 9/16/2019

Hello, our 4-year-old scratched another student at school today because he wouldn’t be his friend. How do we discipline at home for school misbehavior? Thank you!

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Stay The Course and Work On One New Behavior at at Time

Posted on 9/13/2019

2-yo Bedtime Tyrant. I have been doing exactly what you guys told me. she still wakes up at night finds herself on her bed, she goes down again to sleep on the floor behind the door, I keep...

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Nap Time Distractions

Posted on 9/5/2019

Another thing that keeps coming up.. my child does not sit still on her nap mat at school and is getting in trouble for it. Are there ways to help her learn to lay quietly even when she isn’t...

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Trouble with Transitions at Preschool

Posted on 7/10/2019

A follow up to my previous question... we have had several informal conferences with the director of my 3 y/o son’s preschool. It seems like everything is fine until he is asked to do something...

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Adjusting to Preschool Can Be Tough

Posted on 7/4/2019

My almost 3-year-old son has been attending the same Montessori-based preschool for the past year. 90-95% of the AM drop-offs have been difficult for him resulting in a meltdown. His teacher...

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Ditch the Daycare

Posted on 6/21/2019

My 20 month old toddler is having a very hard time adjusting to daycare. I believe she has severe separation and social anxieties. I am a stay at home mom and I am putting my daughter in daycare...

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Time for Change

Posted on 5/7/2019

My mom has been babysitting my son while I am at work since he was a baby. When my son turned 2.5 she opened a preschool. He always had behavior issues but now at 4.5, he is even more disruptive....

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Morning Grumpies

Posted on 5/4/2019

Our son is just shy of turning 5 and attends a full day preschool. He is not always in the best of moods in the morning when I (mom) drop him off and is sometimes clingy. He receives good...

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Jesus Loves the Little Children Through Grandparents

Posted on 4/14/2019

I am a step grandparent. We have a three year old grandson who is being raised in a progressive, liberal, agnostic environment. The household is run by the toddler and to say it is matriarch ruled...

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Bullying at Preschool

Posted on 3/6/2019

My almost 5 year old boy is in preschool 2.5 days a week. Last year, he was always enthusiastic about going to preschool but this year, he has encountered 2 boys (one of them is his cousin) - who...

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Potty Training Consistency

Posted on 3/3/2019

We have started back with the potty bell/timer since I got the response below (a little over 2 weeks) and have made no progress. He hates the timer and every time it goes off he says "no potty!!"...

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Cranky Kindergartner

Posted on 10/4/2018

My 5 year old daughter started full day kindergarten one month ago. She comes home exhausted and cranky and her behavior is inappropriate. She is unkind to our family and demanding. She has melt...

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5 year old boy behaves better at school than at home

Posted on 10/4/2018

My 5 year old son is in preschool, and we are working very hard on his behavior and manners. He still has tantrums which I am working hard to end. Lately, when he has a tantrum or is disrespectful...

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Getting a 4 and 6 yr old help get ready for school bus

Posted on 9/24/2018

This year my 4 year old has joined my 6 year old in the morning school routine, as she is in 4K and the other in 1st grade. They take the bus to school together and they have a list of things to...

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Following Rules

Posted on 9/19/2018

My 5 year old just started kindergarten and she has made a few friends - one that she just adores. This morning when I dropped her off for school she couldn't find her best friend and she was...

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4 yro not listening

Posted on 9/11/2018

Good afternoon. I am still struggling with my 4 year old son. He has a lot of trouble listening to directions, no matter what consequences have been put in place. We've taken away privileges, put...

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4 year old's hitting has gone on way too long

Posted on 8/29/2018

My son is 4 years old and does not listen to direction and hits at home and school ( mom, younger sister, school friends and teachers and occasionally dad). This behavior has been going on for at...

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The Cost of Working

Posted on 8/20/2018

I have a 9 year old in school and a 2 year old foster child that we are adopting who was placed with us in February. When she was placed with us I cut back my workload to try and spend as much...

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Normal Preschooler!

Posted on 5/26/2018

Preschool has been a wonderful thing for my 5-year old daughter. The two things that were a theme throughout the year, however, were that her teacher told me that my daughter often talked out of...

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Day Care Potty Issue

Posted on 5/22/2018

My son, who is 3.5, has been potty trained at home and out in public since his third birthday (later than you recommend, but we only just found you and became apostles about 4 or 5 months ago. We...

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Cries from afar

Posted on 4/24/2018

My son and daughter-in-law put my 11 month old grandson in the nursery during Sunday morning church service for the first time, and he screamed so loud that the pastor even paused his sermon. Mom...

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Craving mom

Posted on 1/21/2018

My almost 3 year old girl has seemed to have anxiety/fear since a very young age and it's building to unhealthy limits. At a young age, I would try to drop her off at church nursery, but she would...

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3 yr old's behavior gets worse

Posted on 12/14/2017

So we've been doing this, sending him to bed early every night, and it almost seems like that's making it worse? The teacher is reporting more dirt eating than usual and he gets in the car after...

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3yo Licking toys

Posted on 12/3/2017

My 3 year old son has a habit of licking all of the toys at Mothers Morning Out (which he attends 2 mornings a week), "with compulsion" as his teachers describe. When it comes time to play...

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Toilet Training with Diapers?

Posted on 11/30/2017

I have a 3 year old grand daughter who is halfway potty trained in that she urinates on the potty and often refuses to poop on the potty . In order for her teacher and often her parents to not...

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A 27-month-old Hitter, Pusher

Posted on 11/20/2017

Our 27 month old son who goes to a child care center in a bible study once per week is hitting and pushing other babies in the class. He specifically hits the younger kids either with a toy or...

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Five year old uncooperative, and more

Posted on 11/13/2017

I am a preschool principal, I have a 5 year-old child who has problems. He has been with us since he was 4 (we have used many ways to discipline him but it doesn't work). He is able to...

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Follow up about Disobedient 5 y/o

Posted on 11/13/2017

I am referring to my previous question about a 5 years old student in my preschool. The boy is not my son. I don't think that he has ADHD or Autism. When I spoke to the mother, she told me that...

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Stop Feeding the Beast

Posted on 8/28/2017

HI there, We are currently disciplining our 6 year old daughter for not eating her lunch most days. The problem she claims is that they turn on the TV during lunch so she doesn't eat. She also...

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21 month old - Potty Training Continued

Posted on 6/2/2017

In another post, we explained our issue with potty training our 21 month old and received a response which clarified our issue, however we are still confused about how to proceed. In a nutshell,...

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Preschooler Acting Up at Daycare

Posted on 5/25/2017

Our 4 1/2 year old daughter paid me a compliment last night: "You are the meanest mommy I've ever seen!" This came after dispassionately informing her that she had lost all of her tickets...

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Sticky Fingers

Posted on 3/4/2017

Our five year old (foster) son has begun stealing things from other children's book bags (or toys that are left out) at his after-school program. He's a curious little fellow and has a hard time...

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Toilet Training at Daycare

Posted on 2/22/2017

I am a full-time working mother. When my oldest daughter (now 3) was 19 months old, I gave birth to her little sister (now 20 months). I had read your toilet training book and knew that I wanted...

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YMCA child care ok for 1 yo?

Posted on 2/16/2017

What are your thoughts on letting kids stay in child care at local YMCA for one to two hours a day. I stay at home with them. They are 1 and 2. I am worried that may be to much time away from me...

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Toddlers and resilience

Posted on 2/9/2017

I resigned my job to stay home with my 26 month old son and will soon have a baby end of April. When I resigned we had to give up the work daycare he was in 2.5 days a week. He seemed to miss the...

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Three year olds and daycare

Posted on 1/16/2017

Just newly 3 year old at daycare not minding teachers running around Not minding when in time-out About 15-18 children in room with 2 teachers Mother had taken away privileges at home later....

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Typical Day?

Posted on 12/18/2016

Hello.. I have a two year old who will be turning three in September...what should our typical day look like? I also have a 10 month old as well. We are struggling finding a routine and...

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Toddler not into Class Pictures!

Posted on 10/26/2016

I encountered a situation the other day and I'd like to know how you would have handled it were you a preschool teacher involved in class picture day. One tot out of a dozen crossed his arms and...

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Preschool Provoker

Posted on 10/3/2016

I have an almost 3 year old boy who is in a 2 day a week preschool. He has been bitten at school twice in the last 2 weeks by the same student. My son is very stubborn and strong willed. Each...

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New Preschool Problems

Posted on 9/23/2016

We transferred our 35 month old daughter to a new pre-school this week and she does not seem to be adjusting well there. Cries a lot when we leave her there in the morning, whines throughout the...

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Advice While Under Others' Care?

Posted on 8/3/2016

Hi There, We have 6-year-old boy/girl twins and a nearly 2-year-old daughter. We've had so much trouble with our son for longer than we like to remember. He's incredibly defiant, obstinate,...

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3 yo girl wears same shirt every day

Posted on 7/14/2016

My daughter is three and likes to wear this cute lil fox shirt. She has two of them and wears them everyday almost. She is also in preschool. The shirts are always clean when she wears them. In...

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4 Year Old Bad Behavior at Preschool

Posted on 3/31/2016

My son, 4, has had a spotty record at school for not listening, “peer aggression” (the school’s words) amongst other things. As a result, I instilled the ticket system for talking back and not...

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4 1/2 year old having issues at school

Posted on 2/7/2016

Hello, Our daughters teacher has brought to our attention some behaviors that she is frequently having to address in the classroom. These include having to be repeatedly told to share, play...

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5 year old having issues at preschool

Posted on 1/13/2016

Hi. My son is almost 5 and has been a busy/hyper boy since birth. He has improved in the last month's thanks to the ticket system, but still having issues at preschool. His teachers are ill...

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Nip it...Now

Posted on 10/30/2015

Our five year old son is punching his parents when he's angry. He is the youngest of four boys, his three brothers are triplets. He also had continued to have a difficult time separating from mom...

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To Trick/Treat or Not

Posted on 10/27/2015

My husband and I are having difficulty knowing how to handle a oroblem. We don't believe we as Christians should celebrate Halloween. Our three and a half year old grandson has seen the teachers...

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Doesn't Get It

Posted on 9/19/2015

I have an almost 4 year old son who is becoming increasingly challenging to deal with during the day. It seems that unless we are out of the house, he is more demanding of my attention, quick to...

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Head Butter continued...

Posted on 8/24/2015

I don't understand Melinda Norris's answer to my last question about my 3.5 year old daughter headbutting at school. Melinda said, "My first question is how the teacher handled it. She needs to...

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