"As children grow older, parents must give them greater freedom, including greater freedom to make mistakes. "


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Parents Need to Be On The Same Page

Posted 2 weeks ago

My husband and I recently legally adopted our six and half year old nephew who has been living with us since he was 2.5. He did not know us prior to him coming to live with us. He comes from a...

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Tough Questions

Posted 3 weeks ago

My daughter and her spouse separated after three years in a tumultuous relationship. He was verbally abusive and their relationship was adversely impacted by alcohol, infidelity and employment...

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Needed: Parenting perspective adjustment

Posted on 7/17/2019

One follow up question. When do we seek counseling, if at all, and for whom (just her, just her parents-and separately at that since we’re divorced)? We’re both wondering if her out-of-control...

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6 year old's disrespect reaches new heights

Posted on 7/17/2019

Hello. Starting in the last two weeks, my 6-year old daughter has ratcheted up her disrespectful tone, language, and behavior to an awful degree. If I ask her what is going on with her she blames...

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Special challenges for children of divorce.

Posted on 6/21/2019

Hi John and Team, My boyfriend and I share custody of his 10 year old son. We have his son for two four-week blocks in the summer and then every other weekend during the school year. We are...

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child sends mixed message

Posted on 5/5/2019

I have a personal friend that went through a bitter divorce approximately 6 years ago. She has 4 children ages 14, 13, 10.5 and 9.5. The three older ones are girls and the youngest a boy. The...

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Let Go or No?

Posted on 3/16/2019

My 16 year old son wants to live with his dad in another state for his junior and senior years of high school. I’m reluctantly willing to let him go. How do I navigate this transition?

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Emancipation is never easy

Posted on 12/29/2018

I am divorced and remarried for 16 years. My ex cheated on me multiple times. Since our divorce which was a 3rd marriage he has been married 3x since. His most recent wife is 30 years his jr and a...

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Now what?

Posted on 12/13/2018

Hey thank you for the answer I needed..I have taken her phone permanently only reason she had a phone is because her dad lives out of town and I work far from where I’m at and he bought her a...

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Dad's Not on Board

Posted on 11/4/2018

Hi there, Susan Morley recently answered a question I posed concerning my son who has been caught with vape materials. She recommended strict consequences which I want to impose. His father,...

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Posted on 9/26/2018

My step-daughter 14 has been telling her mom and dad on and off for years that she does not feel part of our household and wants to stay at her mom's house. This conversation usually starts up...

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Entitled, Self-Centered 14 YO Boy

Posted on 9/17/2018

I have a question re. how to handle my son's awful behavior. He is 14 years old. His Father and I switched custody 6 months ago through mediation, following a lawsuit that my son requested because...

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Strong willed v. needing leadership.

Posted on 9/7/2018

I'm a single mother of a strong-willed 6 years old daughter. Her Dad hasn't been around much. We divorced when my daughter was almost 2 yrs because of substance abuse. Recently, the paternal...

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Grandma custody of 4yro

Posted on 8/3/2018

My 4 year old Grandson who has always lived with me seems to be having some new concerns regarding his Mom. His Mom, has not seen him since Christmas Day, and has not contacted me to do so. Yes,...

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Husband files for divorce after wife takes a stand with teens.

Posted on 6/1/2018

Dear John Rosemond, I wrote in a while ago on putting the marriage first. I was never able to get my husband on board which indeed caused a great deal of strife in our family, especially with...

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Telling 17yo daughter of Divorce

Posted on 5/27/2018

How do we tell our 17 yr old daughter, about the dad's decision to divorce. The difficult part for me,...we are Christians, and our issue, poor communications. How do I help, that she not feel...

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Mom Needs Legal Advice

Posted on 5/19/2018

My 13 year old daughter and my ex-husband are currently a problem. My ex has taken her to a therapist without telling me for the last 3 years and we have joint legal and physcial custody. Our...

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Posted on 5/8/2018

Have custody of a now, 4 year old Grandson. Mom abandoned him at about 18 months old, moved to Florida to make porn. Returned after that didn't work for her. My husband and I refused to allow...

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Introducing Half Siblings

Posted on 4/13/2018

How do I introduce a half sister to a three year old child? He does not understand that Jj (father of both children) is even his Dad. Jj is not present in his life nor the sister's life. The...

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Living at home or on campus for rebellious teen?

Posted on 4/12/2018

Our eldest is my step-daughter and she is graduating high school in May, and beginning a university program in town in summer. She has planned to live on campus, but is now feeling anxious and...

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Should Grandma allow visits from absent parents?

Posted on 3/30/2018

Have custody of 4 yr old Grandson. Mother nor father have matured to the point where he would live with them. As time has progressed, the time between visits has increased. Last visit from...

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No Clear Cut Answer for When to Blend a Family

Posted on 3/27/2018

hi there I have been dating my BF for about a year. I have never been around his kids yet although they do know of me and our children used to be friends before they moved away. My bf has spent a...

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Self Control?

Posted on 3/12/2018

Thank you for answering my question from earlier in the week. I appreciate Parent Guru & the role of the doctor in my life. My sons 3 qtr report came home on Thursday of course I knew he had...

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Two out of Three

Posted on 3/5/2018

My 9+ year old talks back to teachers and classmates, calls other students names, won't follow directions of teachers and refuses to do what he's been told (one teacher captured it perfectly...

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Reconciling Lost Relationship with Teen

Posted on 3/1/2018

My husbands 15 yo daughter has cut off all communication with him. She was living with us but moved to her moms full time for the past year and a half, he has been blocked from texting, messaging,...

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Never too late to become a leader.

Posted on 2/20/2018

I have a 16-year-old son whom I have custody of 50% of the time. His father is very permissive and expects no chores. I am not and have expectations of household help. He consistently refuses,...

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9 YO Girl Resistant To Visits With Dad

Posted on 2/18/2018

I have a 9 year old daughter. Her mom and I split when she was 3-1/2 years old. We have a court ordered shared parenting plan. I have visitation 1 day/night each week and every other weekend...

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Daughter choosing Dad

Posted on 1/13/2018

Now my daughter is with her biological father who rented an extended stay for himself and her close to school, so she can finish school now. It's her last year and she needs to start applying for...

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Angry daughter needs dose of reality.

Posted on 1/8/2018

Good day, we have tried lots of different things,this is the way she is now, alway angry, I dont know what to do except her bio dad to be with her now. What would be your recommendation for me, in...

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Parental Rights and Decisions

Posted on 1/8/2018

I had a big fight with my daughter, she snapped and started hitting me. My husband, who's her stepdad, was trying to stop her by grabbing her hands and pulling her away. I called the police...

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4 yo girl defiant/disrespectful

Posted on 10/27/2017

In the last few months especially, my four year old daughter has escalated the frequency of disrespectful and defiant behavior. She has had a stubborn streak since age 2, and has a tendency for...

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Symptoms of shared custody?

Posted on 10/27/2017

Can you please speak to the symptoms of when a shared custody situation is tougher on a young child or leading to "acting out" for a child? My 4-year old daughter is on a 2-2-3 custody schedule,...

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Co-parenting woes.

Posted on 10/27/2017

Tonight I spoke with my ex-husband about disciplining our 4-year old daughter, of whom we share 50/50 custody. That's another question for another message. He said that in the midst of the...

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Teen Prefers to Live with Daily Pot Smoking Dad

Posted on 10/9/2017

My just turned 13 year old son wants to see what living with Dad would be like after living with me and Stepdad (and visiting Dad and StepMom) over his childhood. Dad has a stable career and nice...

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Consult a parent coach.

Posted on 9/25/2017

I am a single divorced mother of three year old twins. I have a home. My ex-husband, the Twins' father, lives with his parents. We have split custody. While at my home about six months ago one...

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Two home dilemma.

Posted on 9/13/2017

My 14 year old son is having a difficult time with me getting remarried. We have given him space and even dated for 2 years before we married. He is mad and I have mistakenly let him get away...

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Thriving at four - between two families.

Posted on 8/21/2017

Our soon to be 4 grandson now has a parenting contract between our son and the child's mother. They were never married. The contract was made by the biological mother and my son's new wife, who...

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Bullying or Belittling?

Posted on 8/10/2017

Sibling Bullying vs. Belittling Our 12 and 10 ½ year old sons are very different kids. We call the oldest “the lawyer.” He’s an over-achiever, good in sports, and highly...

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Challenges of the two parent home.

Posted on 7/24/2017

Hello, I have 2 boys, 14 and 16 years old. I am divorced from their father. Their father and I have a civil relationship regarding the boys. We have always disagreed in the general rearing of the...

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Separation and Time with Children

Posted on 5/30/2017

My husband is a covert narcissist. After many years of a bad marriage we have "separated". (I cannot divorce him for fear a judge will give him alone time with our children) He is very immature...

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Post divorce parenting struggles.

Posted on 4/21/2017

I have a son (14) and daughter (16) who I share custody (40%) with my ex wife (60%). We have been divorced 5 years. We live about a mile apart. Daughter has decided now that she’s 16, she doesn’t...

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11 yo Father Wants 50/50 Custody

Posted on 10/5/2016

I really need an answer quickly. I am not the parent in this case..........my daughter is. She and her husband are divorced and have one 11 year old daughter. The custody arrangement settled on...

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4-yr-old struggling with divorce/custody situation

Posted on 8/1/2016

Our youngest son is going to be five in October. He splits his time between our house and his mother's house. Our households have totally different parenting styles, to say the least. All summer,...

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Not a "Real" Grandma?

Posted on 7/13/2016

My stepdaughter and my 7.5 year old granddaughter lived in another state and moved in with us 1 year ago . My granddaughter's father is an alcoholic, became physically abusive to her Mom and...

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Update on 4 Year Old Parents Divorcing

Posted on 4/15/2016

UPDATE for Sarah: Thanks for your last answer. It is incredibly helpful every single time you give me feedback. The update is that my son's dad and I have now physically separated. I'm very...

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No Game

Posted on 4/12/2016

Recently, 3 of my 4 children participated in a "game" with their 18-year-old soon-to-be step-brother. The "game" consisted of binding the hands of the children, 1-male (8) and 2-females (6 & 5),...

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18-Month-Old and Custody Issues

Posted on 3/11/2016

In an upcoming custody case, the father of my 18 month old is trying to get the baby for 7 consecutive weeks during the summer as well as other time sharing, after the father will move back to...

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4 Year Old Parents Divorcing

Posted on 1/30/2016

Hi... My husband and I are finally splitting up. I am planning on a divorce. Our son is now 4. Husband is generally pissed at the world all the time, and a Terrible role model. He can't see...

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17 yo Smoking Pot

Posted on 1/28/2016

17 year old son was caught smoking pot for the third time. Set down a set of consequences that frankly were not that tough but he doesn't want to live by. Went into a rage and left home. Now says...

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Joint Custody Issue

Posted on 1/25/2016

We have joint custody, one week with me, one week with mom. Mom insists that the girls ages 13 and 11 call her every night on my week. I don't mind, but the calls become a gossip session or 20...

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