"How do you get a child to do what he's told the first time he's told? Don't ever repeat yourself. "


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Posted on 12/6/2010

Hey John! I have a 3 and 5 year old. I believe me and my husband both tend to micro-manage their behavior. Could you give me your top 5 ways of avoiding this parenting style pitfall? I was...

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empty nester

Posted on 11/10/2010

Ok, so I raised six children and did my best. My husband and I have been married for 37 years and now find ourselves, literally, in trouble. The children are all on their own, with jobs, two are...

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Social problems question

Posted on 10/30/2010

To the person who asked the question titled "social problems". I have a lot of experience with the type of child that you describe and have a few questions that I would like you to prayerfully...

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Youthful Tendency Disorder

Posted on 10/12/2010

From the ever reputable The Onion - thought you'd enjoy this. Unfortunately, it sounds almost real. Kids with Youthful Tendency...

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Where's your blog?

Posted on 9/8/2008

Blog on parentguru.com is coming... stay tuned

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Foods and behavior

Posted on 8/23/2008

John, I agree with you on the ADD/ADHD thing. No kid in my class when I was in school ever was on any of those sorts of meds. However, back then, kids were eating foods made from scratch and a...

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Chinese high school: US educaitional ranking

Posted on 8/19/2008

I just watched a documentary about an elite Chinese high school, and it was certainly eye opening. I know you won't find any of this surprising... I don't recall seeing a single computer,...

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Prussian method

Posted on 7/29/2008

John from out in the midwest here. A book everyone concerned with public education needs to read YESTERDAY is "The Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto. Mr. Gatto is a...

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How to Have a New Kid By Friday - book

Posted on 4/24/2008

I read this book before I took your seminar, and it suggests having one child finish a siblings' chores (when not done properly and timely) and paying the child for that service from the allowance...

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John Rosemond: Cuddly Conservative

Posted on 4/9/2008

After reading your political views, I fell in love with you all over again!

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Is this true?

Posted on 7/23/2007

Is it true that you are not a licensed family psychologist? And that you "got in trouble" for making up newspaper columns?

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Too much spanking

Posted on 9/25/2006

We joined a new church about 2 years ago and all the folks there really follow Tedd Tripp's and Ezzo's books for Christian discipline. Most of the moms at my church believe that a spanking is the...

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Posted on 8/19/2006

As a parent, I'd like to know what you think about Pokemon cards and TV shows? As a Christian, do you see anything about them that is displeasing to God?

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Homework Resolutions

Posted on 8/18/2006

John, I LOVE your article on the homework resolutions! Would it be okay to give a copy of this article to my children's teachers? With three kids in school, I have no time to do all of the things...

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johnny jump-up

Posted on 7/16/2006

I have a very active six month old son. He is just learning to sit up, and the past few weeks has become very fussy--I think he has figured out that there are lots of things to do, but he is not...

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