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Adult Child: What to do?

Posted on 12/11/2012

Q: We have an adult child who doesn't want to grow up. She quit college after two years and moved across the country. As we anticipated, she's having difficulty supporting herself. In fact, she...

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12-Year-Old Girl Running in Circles

Posted on 8/16/2011

Daughter is running in circles - literally Q. Our 12-year-old daughter seems driven to run in circles. For years now, often many times a day, she will suddenly start jogging in a big circle...

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11-Year-Old Girl Obsessed with Getting Dirty or Wet

Posted on 8/9/2011

Backpack full of trouble? Q. Our 11-year-old daughter is obsessed about getting dirty or being wet, to the point where she won't leave the house without carrying a backpack with a change of...

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5-Year-Old Girl Neediness

Posted on 4/5/2011

I'm-growing-up list for neediness Q: My daughter, who is 5, relies on me far too much. All through the day, she asks me to do simple things for her like get her a glass of water or help her put...

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4-Year-Old Girl Correcting Older Sibling

Posted on 2/15/2011

Q. Our 4-year-old daughter is constantly correcting her 9-year-old brother. She tells him - to use a recent example - that he's making noise when he drinks something, then proceeds to show him how...

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10-Month-Old Boy Bangs Head

Posted on 1/25/2011

Parents should roll with baby's rocking Q: Our first child, a 10-month-old boy, bangs his head on the headboard of his crib when we put him to bed. He doesn't cry or exhibit any distress, but...

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12-Year-Old Girl Using Baby Talk

Posted on 12/14/2010

Stop the baby talk Q: When she is happy or receiving a lot of my attention, my 12-year-old daughter often speaks in "baby talk." Examples: "I wub you" and "You my mommy." When she's in one of...

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Preteen Boy Melancholy Issue

Posted on 11/9/2010

Parents can't 'fix' disposition One of the defining beliefs of this technological age is that with enough ingenuity and perseverance, any problem can be solved. It's a misbelief, actually,...

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2-Year-Old Boy Throws Items at Others

Posted on 7/27/2010

Got a 2-year-old who throws? Give him the gate Q. Our son is a month from being 2. We're concerned about his throwing. During a recent dinner out, he threw a fork that whizzed by a lady's head,...

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Younger Children Playing Poker with Older Child

Posted on 7/13/2010

Dealing with poker Q: What do you think about a 13-year-old child playing poker with my kids, ages 8 and 9? Even though they weren't using money, I didn't think it was age-appropriate, so I...

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14-Month-Old Boy Bath-Time Fear

Posted on 3/30/2010

Quelling bath-time fear Q. My 14-month-old was taking baths just fine until about a month ago when he became enraged because I wouldn't let him stand up in the sink. Ever since, he becomes...

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4-Year-Old Boy "Watch Me" Requests

Posted on 3/2/2010

Watch mom going batty over 'watch me' requests Q. Shortly after our second child was born a year ago, my 4-year-old son began asking me to stop what I'm doing - usually something with the baby...

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Boundaries Make for Happy Kids and Parents

Posted on 12/15/2009

BOUNDARIES MAKE FOR HAPPY KIDS AND PARENTS I have long maintained that the happiest kids are also well-behaved and vice versa. That assertion is supported by common sense as well as research...

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Train Children to Behave in Public

Posted on 9/15/2009

RESPECT YOUR FELLOW DINERS - TEACH CHILDREN TABLE MANNERS "I feel a column coming on, " my wife said, doing her usual read-my-mind thing. It was another superb nine o'clock in the morning in...

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6-Year-Old Boy Spitting

Posted on 7/21/2009

OLD CURE FOR STUBBORN KIDS From the Great Ideas Department: A veteran teacher writes that she had a 6-year-old male student who spit constantly during recess. ( I wonder from whom this child...

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3-Year-Old Girl Not Wearing Clothes

Posted on 1/20/2009

CALL ON 'THE DOCTOR' TO GET A TODDLER TO WEAR CLOTHES I never cease to be amazed at how easy it is to solve potentially large behavior problems with just a little imagination. Case in point: a...

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5-Year-Old Girl Being Cruel to Disabled Sister

Posted on 11/18/2008

CRUELTY MEANS TOUGH RESPONSE IS IN ORDER Q. How should we deal with a 5-year-old girl who joins with two other girls at the bus stop in calling her 7-year-old disabled sibling a wacko? Talking...

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Children Love to be Ignored

Posted on 11/11/2008

CHILDREN WOULD PREFER TO BE IGNORED Here's something you already know, but don't know you know: Children love to be ignored. Mind you, I'm not talking about neglect. I'm talking about ignored,...

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6-Year-Old Boy Interest in War-Like Games

Posted on 10/28/2008

INTEREST IN WAR-LIKE GAMES NOT UNUSUAL FOR BOYS Q: My happy 6-year-old son has started incorporating death and war-like games into his play. He has never been a mean-spirited child, but his dad...

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4-Year-Old Boy's Inappropriate Talk

Posted on 5/13/2008

TRY A LITTLE HUMOR TO COPE WITH TODDLER'S 'NASTY TALK' Our almost 4-year-old son has taken to saying nasty things to us. Last night, for example, when my husband was reading him a bedtime...

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5-Year-Old Boy Won't Sit Still

Posted on 2/12/2008

5-YEAR-OLD WON'T STOP ANTS-IN-PANTS DANCE Q. Our son just turned 5 and is a really good kid except that he won't sit still. It's driving me nuts. When he talks to you, he is constantly moving....

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3 - Year - Old - Child Controlling Parent

Posted on 11/20/2007

Don't let child control you Q. My 3-year-old is a control freak. She's usually agreeable and obeys the first time more often than not. However, she often attempts to control her...

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4-Year-Old Boy Who Asks Nonstop Questions

Posted on 7/24/2007

CHILD'S CURIOSITY GETS OUT OF CONTROL HERE'S A WAY TO LIMIT QUESTIONS TO THOSE THAT REALLY NEED ANSWERING Q: I have a 4-year-old son who starts asking questions when he gets up in the...

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Deal With Misbehavior Before It Occurs

Posted on 7/17/2007

CLEVER MOM TURNS ORNERY 2-YEAR-OLD INTO A CALM HELPER Over the years, I have repeatedly encouraged parents to "strike while the iron is cold" concerning problem behavior, meaning the best...

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6-Year-Old Not Very Affectionate

Posted on 6/19/2007

SON DOESN'T WANT A KISS? THIS IS NOT A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE Q: Our 6-year-old son, who was a 30-week preemie, does not receive affection very well - only when initiated by him, which is not...

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7-Year-Old Drama Queen

Posted on 6/5/2007

WOEFUL 7-YEAR-OLD NEEDS HELP TO END HER SELF-PITY PARTY Q:Help! My 7-year-old was the happiest baby and toddler, but then around 4 developed a "victim" personality. "No one listens to me"...

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Too Big For Their Britches

Posted on 5/8/2007

HAVE YOU LET YOUR CHILDREN GET TOO BIG FOR THEIR BRITCHES? When I was a child, my parents found frequent reason to tell me that I was a small fish in a big pond. Sometimes, to keep me on my...

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Cannot Talk an Aggressive Child out of Misbehaving

Posted on 4/17/2007

YADA-YADA DISCIPLINE DOESN'T WORK WITH AGGRESSIVE CHILDREN In a recent article on co-sleeping - the peculiar practice of sleeping with one's child or children to facilitate "bonding" - I made...

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8-Year-Old Motormouth is Loud and Constantly Interrupts

Posted on 9/12/2006

HOW TO CURE A 'MOTORMOUTH' Q: Our 8-year-old son has had some self-centeredness issues that we've been working on since he was a toddler, the latest manifestation of which is excessive, loud...

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Baby Needs Structure, Routine; The Discipline Can Come Later

Posted on 5/2/2006

Q: Is it possible to discipline a child below the age of 2, and if so, how? A: If by "discipline" you mean teaching and enforcing proper behavior, the answer is no. Discipline of that sort is...

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Children Interrupting Adult Conversations

Posted on 11/2/2004

HOLDING PRACTICE SESSIONS CAN HELP A CHILD IMPROVE MANNERS Judging from reader response, my recent column on children interrupting conversations - or I should say, parents letting children...

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Inappropriate Language

Posted on 10/19/2004

WILL SOAP CLEAN UP A DIRTY MOUTH? Before I write this column, journalistic ethics require that I make two disclosures of personal experience: My first-grade teacher washed my mouth out with...

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Children Interrupting Adult Conversations

Posted on 9/20/2004


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3-Year-Old Asks for Food When Upset

Posted on 8/3/2004

PARENTS: YOU ARE SMARTER THAN KIDS SOLUTIONS TO CHILDREN'S DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS CAN BE CREATIVE BUT SIMPLE Good ideas department: On my Web site (www.rosemond.com), I recently fielded a...

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3-Year-Old Wakes Up Grumpy

Posted on 8/3/2004

More Good Ideas Department: The parents of a 3-year-old boy were troubled that their son always woke up sullen and grumpy in the morning - every morning. They tried everything they could think of...

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4-Year-Old Constantly Asking Questions

Posted on 7/20/2004

TEACH CHILD WHEN NOT TO ASK QUESTIONS FINDING OWN ANSWERS IS IMPORTANT STEP IN LEARNING HOW TO THINK Q: I am a teacher of 4-year-olds in a private pre-K program. In my college child...

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24-Month-Old Runs Away From Parent

Posted on 5/4/2004

CAN'T OUTRUN THAT 2-YEAR-OLD? OUTSMART HER Q: When I call my 24-month-old daughter to come to me, she takes off running like a bat out of you-know-where. She obviously thinks it's a game...

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3- and 2-Year-Old Toy Cleanup

Posted on 2/17/2004

TOY LIBRARY' AIDS KIDS' CLEANUP Q: When it's time for my two children, ages 42 and 24 months, to clean up their play messes, they frequently don't do as I've asked, and I can't figure out what...

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2- and 3-Year-Old Have Issues Sharing Toy

Posted on 1/13/2004

Q: The park in the center of our neighborhood is full of parents and children of all ages every afternoon. My 3-year-old daughter is having a problem with a much smaller 2-year-old. Often my...

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Child-Proof Home for Active 15-Month-Old

Posted on 7/3/2001

JUST CHILD-PROOF HOME WHEN BABY GETS GRABBY Q. Our 15-month-old daughter has recently started climbing and getting into everything. At my mother-in-law's suggestion, we have tried popping her...

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8- and 10-Year-Old Bicker Constantly

Posted on 4/20/1999

GIVE KIDS INCENTIVES TO STOP THEIR BICKERING Q. Do you have any ideas on how to stop two children, ages 10 and 8, from bickering constantly with one another? A. If you have more than one...

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Steps to Help Calm Overactive Toddler

Posted on 1/3/1988

TAKE THESE STEPS TO HELP CALM OVERACTIVE TODDLER Do you have an extremely active toddler, the kind who's always on the go, getting into everything? One who hits the deck running in the...

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Managing 2 Year-Old in Public Places

Posted on 11/16/1986

SETTING THE RULES 1ST HELPS IN DISCIPLINING 2-YEAR-OLD Q. Our 2 1/2-year-old son is a typical 2-year-old: active, inquisitive, stubborn, and wants everything his way. At home, we manage to...

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