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The Correlation Between Food and Behavior

Posted on 1/26/2021

A headache does not mean one has a brain tumor, but some brain tumors do cause headaches. Likewise, ADHD behaviors do not mean one has a food allergy, albeit some food allergies...

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Beware of 'The Protocol'

Posted on 12/29/2020

Q: Our son is seven years old and in the second grade. His school went virtual this past Spring and we see no end to it, not in the near term at least. When he was going to a brick-and-mortar...

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Don’t Jump Down the ADHD Rabbit Hole With 8-Year-Old

Posted on 6/23/2020

Q: Our son, age 8, has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. His IQ is well above average but his actual performance in the classroom is problematic. He has difficulty paying attention...

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Methylphenidates for ADHD Affect Brain Function

Posted on 8/27/2019

I’ve always promised myself that this column would never get “academic,” but I see no choice with respect to the issue at hand, so here goes…as simple as I can make it. ...

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Autism in Its Classical Form Is Very Real

Posted on 7/9/2019

I am perennially asked whether I do or do not “believe” in autism. I suspect that on most occasions, it’s a test. Nonetheless, it’s a fair question that usually takes this form: “I know you don’t...

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Use 'Alpha Speech' to Get Child to Obey

Posted on 5/14/2019

Q: My 7-year-old son, an only child, is giving me fits. He’s overly active and will not cooperate in any instruction I give him. In addition, if I tell him not to do something, it’s a guarantee...

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Confronting 'Biochemical Imbalance' in Children

Posted on 4/2/2019

The Wall Street Journal recently (3/16/2019) printed a letter-to-the-editor in which Upland, California psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Charlene Moskovitz promotes the alleged benefits of medication...

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Respect for Adults Is Good for Kids' Mental Health

Posted on 6/6/2018

Rates of child and teen depression and suicide continue to rise, as they have for fifty years. As regular readers of this column know, I do not agree in the least with current explanations, much...

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Disciplining Children With ASD

Posted on 5/30/2018

Q: I am a grandmother with custody of my two grandsons, six-year-old twins. Because of behavior problems at home and school and difficulties relating to other children (they play and communicate...

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Don’t Go Down the Road of ADHD Testing

Posted on 4/17/2018

Q: Our son, age 8, did fine in school in first grade, but has struggled in second. We’ve taken your advice and not helped much with his homework other than occasional and brief “consultations.”...

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We Have a Child, Teen Mental Health Crisis in U.S.

Posted on 4/11/2018

Do we – here in the USA, that is – or do we not have a child and teen mental health crisis and if the answer is yes, we do, then what should be done about it? Without doubt, the...

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Connecting Dots Unsettling to Some

Posted on 1/10/2018

My critics are providing me much material of late for this column and my weekly radio show (Saturdays, 6:00 ET, AFR). Most recently, a family therapist in Kentucky pleads with the Lexington...

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My Views on ADHD Reflect the Facts

Posted on 11/29/2017

An interesting, and telling, tale: As part of a recent speaking engagement sponsored by a regional medical center in the west, I was scheduled to address a gathering of local pediatricians. Two...

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Are Many Cases of Autism Wrongly Diagnosed?

Posted on 11/8/2017

Q: In the school district where I used to teach, I attended many meetings concerning children with special needs. Many of the kids in question were said to be "on the [autism] spectrum." In...

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Is Chemotherapy-Induced ADD a Thing?

Posted on 10/11/2017

Q: After two years of chemotherapy for acute lymphocytic leukemia, our 6-year-old daughter is now in remission. We’ve recently noticed she has difficulty focusing and staying on task. Otherwise,...

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Use Patient Guidance With Son Who Prefers Solitary Play

Posted on 6/7/2017

Q: Our 4-year-old prefers solitary play over play with other children. It’s been this way from early on when I began arranging play dates for him. When those really didn’t work, I enrolled him in...

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More Thoughts on ADHD

Posted on 5/9/2017

I fully expected my recent column on ADHD—in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist (emeritus) Jerome Kagan’s contention that it is an “invention”—to stir the pot. Kagan said what I’ve...

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The 'Invention' of ADHD

Posted on 4/4/2017

In 2009, pediatrician and former medical school professor Bose Ravenel and I published “The Diseasing of America’s Children” (Thomas Nelson), in which we argued from facts that ADHD and other...

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New School Year, New Babble on What's Wrong With Your Kids

Posted on 10/25/2016

The new school year is still fresh and “it” has already begun, “it” being the ongoing effort on the part of schools to persuade parents that there is something wrong with their kids’...

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Medicine Doesn't Cure Misbehavior

Posted on 7/26/2016

Q: Our son is a rising second-grader at a private school. Last year, his behavior was often disruptive and sometimes even downright defiant—problems his first grade teacher did not have with him....

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ADHD and Diet

Posted on 9/1/2015

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond In America, the go-to guy on ADHD is Dr. Russell Barkley, whose impressive credentials include psychologist, clinical professor of psychiatry at...

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Parents Consider Homeschooling for 3rd Grader

Posted on 7/21/2015

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond Q: Our 8-year-old is scheduled to enter third grade at a public school this coming fall. Last year, he did very well; nonetheless, his second grade...

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4-Year-Old Girl - Sensory Processiong Disorder

Posted on 5/25/2010

Sensory processing disorder might not be real condition On their website (www.spdfoundation.net), the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation defines SPD (also known as Sensory Integration...

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Schools Diagnosing Children with Disorders

Posted on 5/4/2010

Schools have 'disorder' disorder Over the past 40 years or so, child advocates have given lip service to the view that adults, especially educators, should respect children's "individual...

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Diet Approach to ADHD

Posted on 4/6/2010

Dietary approach to treat ADHD has some support Q. I've heard a lot about using diet therapies like the Feingold diet for ADHD. I talked with a therapist who specializes in treating ADHD and...

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Discipline Or Disorder

Posted on 12/11/2007

DISCIPLINE IS REAL CURE FOR WHAT THESE 2 SEE AS A DISORDER Dr. Dimitri Papolos of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his wife, Janice, are the recognized authorities on...

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6-Year-Old Boy Throwing Wild Tantrums

Posted on 10/30/2007

ARE BRAIN CHEMICALS TO BLAME FOR 6-YEAR-OLD'S BAD BEHAVIOR? Recently the parents of a 6-year-old boy asked my advice concerning his daily, sometimes violent tantrums which had been ongoing...

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A Family is a Family

Posted on 3/20/2007

FORGET ADJECTIVES; ANY CHILD IS A CHILD, ANY FAMILY IS A FAMILY Parents frequently ask if I have written books on adjective-children (e.g. adopted children) or adjective-families (e.g. blended...

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20-Month-Old Head-Banging

Posted on 6/13/2006

WALK AWAY FROM TODDLER'S HEAD-BANGING SESSIONS Q: Our 20-month-old daughter has recently started banging her head on the floor, walls and hard furniture when we don't give in to her about...

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4-Year-Old Pulling Her Hair Out

Posted on 10/26/2004

WHEN IS A DISORDER NOT A DISORDER? Are today's "experts" sometimes guilty of impulsive diagnosis-dispensing disorder (DDD)? That question came to mind in the wake of a column I recently wrote...

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Hair-Pulling and Head-Banging

Posted on 8/17/2004

CALL CHILD'S BLUFF ON HAIR-PULLING WHEN SHE'S NO LONGER THE CENTER OF ATTENTION, SHE'LL PROBABLY STOP Some time ago, the parents of a 4-year-old girl asked for my thoughts on why their...

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7-Year-Old Writes Lists

Posted on 6/29/2004

Q: My 7-year-old writes lists. He will take items and put them in categories - sports teams, presidents, states, you name it. Sometimes he will alphabetize them or put them in numerical order....

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Diagnosing ADD/ADHD

Posted on 6/22/2004

BEWARE OF AD'S CLAIMS ABOUT ADD Q: Another parent told my husband and me that a local clinic run by a well-known physician and expert in the field has developed a means of diagnosing attention...

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3-Year-Old Hair Pulling Issue

Posted on 8/12/2003

A SIMPLE TALE OF A GIRL, A HABIT AND A CAP When I was in graduate school, I learned there was much more to human behavior than met the eye. My professors told me that every behavior is a...

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ADHD and a Psychological Approach to Child Rearing

Posted on 5/13/2003

ADHD IS PRICE WE PAY FOR 'PSYCHOLOGICAL' CHILD REARING A fellow recently asked if it were true, as he had heard, that I "don't believe" in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? My...

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Medication and TV

Posted on 4/9/2002

AUTHORS WAGE WAR ON RITALIN, TV Go into almost any elementary school in America just before noon and you'll see a slowly moving line of children outside the main office. Ask and you'll be told...

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3rd Grader Misdiagnosed with ADD

Posted on 1/29/2002

ADD-BRANDED CHILD THRIVES IN NEW SCHOOL Several months ago, I answered a question from a mother whose son was having difficulty at a private school in a major Southeastern city. Little more...

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Teacher Wants 3rd Grader Tested for ADD

Posted on 11/6/2001

TEACHERS NOT QUALIFIED TO IDENTIFY ADD Q: This is my son's first year in a new, private school. Already, his third-grade teacher has suggested that we have him tested for attention deficit...

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7-Year-Old Hides Food in his Room

Posted on 9/11/2001

LET SON WHO SWIPES FOOD LEARN HOW TO COOK IT Q. Our 7-year-old son has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and oppositional defiant disorder (ADD/ODD). The problem is that he takes...

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4-Year-Old Agressive and Disrespectful

Posted on 3/6/2001

Happy Ending File: A good buddy pediatrician tells me he recently saw a 4-year-old who had suddenly become aggressive, disrespectful, and emotionally explosive after several major transitions,...

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Posted on 1/30/2001

CRITIQUE OF RITALIN BALANCES WHAT 'ESTABLISHMENT' SAYS I have become the target of those who confuse the messenger with the message. Two columns ago, I reviewed "Ritalin is Not the Answer"...

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Book Clearly Explains ADD/ADHD

Posted on 1/16/2001

BOOK CLEARLY EXPLAINS ATTENTION DEFICIT I'm going to break with my general rule forbidding such things and endorse a parenting book. Even if you don't have a child "with" attention deficit...

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26-Month-Old Diagnosed with ADHD

Posted on 12/5/2000

DON'T MEDICATE A 2-YEAR-OLD FOR NORMAL RASCALITY A friend of mine participates in a national network of pediatricians who share information and advice with one another through the World Wide...

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10-Year-Old School Issues

Posted on 4/25/2000

ADD? NO, THIS SOUNDS LIKE A CASE OF SSS Q. I am apparently the mom of a severely messed-up 10 year-old. According to his teacher, he shows signs of attention deficit disorder (about 3 out of...

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Parenting Short Stories

Posted on 3/28/2000

ADD OR BAD? BOY'S BEHAVIOR COULD BE BOTH Here's a collection of "parenting shorts:" First, an absolutely true story from my "A Rose, By Any Other Name ... " file, told to me by the mother...

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ADD is Real

Posted on 6/2/1998

ADD IS REAL, BUT RETHINK CAUSES AND TREATMENT In a May 10 commentary, Andrea Brunais, editorial page editor for The Tallahassee Democrat, says I don't believe in attention deficit disorder. Oh...

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Forget Timeout: Outrageous Behavior Deserves Outrageous Consequence

Posted on 4/14/1998

TO GET CHILD'S ATTENTION, BE AS OUTRAGEOUS AS CHILD IS The current generation of mental health professionals has given parents the impression that time-out, properly used, will end any...

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Link Between ADD and Watching TV - Part 2

Posted on 9/16/1997

READERS DON'T BUY THEORY LINKING ADD, TV VIEWING My recent column on the possible link between television and attention-deficit disorder (also known as attention-deficit hyperactivity...

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Link Between ADD and Watching TV - Part 1

Posted on 7/1/1997

TV SHRIVELS KIDS' BRAINS; ADD PROS PAY NO ATTENTION As heralded by a cover story in Time (Feb. 3, 1997) and a special issue of Newsweek (spring/summer '97) the big story of the past year has...

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Teacher of 6-Year-Old Who Has Trouble Learning to Read Thinks He Has Dyslexia

Posted on 1/16/1997

IF EVALUATION REVEALS DYSLEXIA, BE SURE CHILD WILL BE TAUGHT BY CORRECT METHOD Q. My 6-year-old is having difficulty learning to read, and his teacher - who teaches by what she calls the...

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