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ADD Exists

Posted on 7/4/1996

YES, I DO BELIEVE ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER EXISTS I have apparently created the impression that I don't believe in attention deficit disorder. The fact is, during my professional career,...

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Professional Says ADD is a Myth

Posted on 11/24/1995

CHEERS FOR CHALLENGING ATTENTION-DEFICIT MYTH In his new book, "The Myth of the A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) Child'' (Dutton, $23.95), psychologist Thomas Armstrong writes: "A.D.D....

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Mom of 7-Year-Old Cures ADD in One Day

Posted on 6/2/1995

THIS MOTHER TOOK A SHORTCUT TO CURE ATTENTION DEFICIT While in a Midwestern city a couple of weeks ago, giving a series of talks and workshops, I heard an interesting story from the mother of...

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Don't Define Child by Category

Posted on 11/18/1994

IT'S BEST NOT TO DEFINE A CHILD BY A CATEGORY Peruse the Child Care section of any major chain bookstore today and you will find books on the ADD (attention deficit disorder) child, the LD...

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ADD Series - Part 2

Posted on 9/2/1994

RITALIN DOESN'T PROVE ADD IS A DISEASE I was addressing a group of parents, teachers, and health-care professionals on the subject of attention deficit disorder (ADD), explaining that contrary...

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ADD Series - Part 1

Posted on 8/26/1994

ATTENTION DEFICIT HAS DEFINITE SYMPTOMS, BUT IS IT A DISEASE? "There he goes again. John Rosemond proves anew that when a psychologist becomes a full-time advice columnist, his advice becomes...

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Teacher Concerned About High Number of ADD Students

Posted on 7/15/1994

IS ATTENTION DISORDER FOR REAL? INSTEAD OF GENETICS, IT MAY BE UPBRINGING Q. As a teacher, I'm increasingly concerned about the number of children being identified as having attention...

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Dyslexia Debate

Posted on 7/3/1992

UNPROVEN THEORIES ON DYSLEXIA ARE NO HELP, DESPITE WHAT OTHERS SAY A learning disabilities specialist in Long Beach, Calif., advises that I educate myself. A psychologist in Pennsylvania...

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8-Year-Old Diagnosed with Dyslexia

Posted on 6/26/1992

WHAT WE CALL DYSLEXIA MAY JUST BE A CHILD'S MATURITY LEVEL Q. Our 8-year-old son, a third-grader, was recently tested because of reading difficulties and found to be dyslexic. According to...

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Opposed to Pulling Learning-Disabled Children out of Regular Classroom

Posted on 2/21/1992

PULLING SLOW KIDS OUT OF CLASS FOR EXTRA HELP? BETTER NOT Q. You seem opposed to serving the special needs of learning disabled children during school hours. If I read you correctly, you...

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6-Yeaer-Old with ADD and Ritalin

Posted on 10/2/1988

USED PROPERLY, DRUG CAN HELP Q. Our 6-year-old son was recently diagnosed by a psychologist as having attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Randal's always been a...

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Preschoolers Do Not Need to Know ABCs (Also Dyslexia Question)

Posted on 7/17/1988

PRESCHOOLERS ARE NOT READY TO LEARN TO WRITE ALPHABET I was talking recently with the parents of a boy who attends a preschool program for 4-year-olds where they've been teaching him to write...

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Questions Concerning 7-Year-Old with ADD

Posted on 6/12/1988

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (ADD) CAN BE TREATED Q. We have several questions concerning our 7-year-old son. He's been somewhat of a behavioral problem in school since kindergarten, and both...

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8-Year-Old Has Learning Disability

Posted on 3/20/1988

TV MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LEARNING DISABILITIES Q. Our 8-year-old son has a learning disability that handicaps his ability to pay attention, follow directions and correctly decipher the...

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8-Year-Old with ADD on Ritalin

Posted on 2/14/1988

DRUGS FOR CHILDREN SHOULDN'T BE CONDEMNED Q. Our 8-year-old son was recently diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. The diagnosing psychologist referred us to...

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ADD Ritalin Dosage

Posted on 9/27/1987

CONSULT PSYCHOLOGIST ON RITALIN DOSAGE Q. For the past year, we've been seeing a psychologist for help with our son's unruly behavior. He's helped us with a discipline plan, and Robbie's...

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6-Year-Old Diagnosed with ADD Watches Lots of TV

Posted on 6/14/1987

SHORT ATTENTION SPAN HURT, NOT HELPED, BY LOTS OF TV Q. My husband and I are seeing a psychologist because of discipline problems with our 6-year-old son. Charlie has also had problems in...

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18-Month-Old Head Banging Issue

Posted on 3/22/1987

HEAD BANGING NO PROBLEM CHILDREN HAVE OWN WAYS OF PUTTING THEMSELVES TO SLEEP Q. When we put her to bed, our 18-month-old daughter gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth,...

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Parents Looking for Professional Help with Child

Posted on 3/8/1987

PARENTS ASK ABOUT THERAPY FOR CHILD As promised in last week's column, here are some answers to questions asked by parents looking for professional help with a child. Q. What are some signs...

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8-Year-Old with ADD

Posted on 12/14/1986

DRUG CAN IMPROVE CHILD'S ATTENTION SPAN Q. After two years of hearing from teachers about his short attention span and incomplete work, our 8-year-old son was recently diagnosed by both his...

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Possible Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

Posted on 11/9/1986

POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS OF LEARNING DISABILITIES As promised in last week's column, here is a partial list of possible learning disability symptoms. Please read them with caution! The fact...

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Posted on 11/2/1986

COLUMN ON REVERSED LETTERS DRAWS READERS' REACTIONS A recent column of mine has generated some controversy, and I thought you might be interested. It concerned a first-grade boy who wrote...

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6-Year-Old Writing Letters Backwards

Posted on 9/28/1986

REVERSED LETTERS MAY NOT MEAN DYSLEXIA Q. Our six-year-old started first grade this fall. We've noticed that on quite a few papers he's written certain letters backward. He did this a lot...

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Drugs Not First Choice for ADD Treatment

Posted on 8/24/1986

DRUGS NOT 1ST CHOICE FOR HYPERACTIVITY In response to a recent column in which I gave advice to the parents of a youngster diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), I received a letter...

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3-Year-Old Hair Pulling Issue

Posted on 6/22/1986

SIMPLEST EXPLANATION CAN SOMETIMES BE THE RIGHT ONE When I was a graduate student, my psychology professors did an excellent job of convincing me that human behavior was a complex thing,...

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7-Year-Old Diagnosis of Hyperactivity Needs Reassessment

Posted on 5/18/1986

WHOA, THIS DIAGNOSIS NEEDS A SECOND LOOK Q. Our 7-year-old has been having difficulty settling down and doing his work in school. At the suggestion of his first grade teacher, we saw a...

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20-Month-Old Head Banging

Posted on 2/23/1986

DON'T IGNORE CHILD'S HEAD-BANGING Q. Over the past few months, our 20-month-old son has developed the disturbing habit of violently banging his head on a hard surface, like the floor or a...

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