"A child who can't take "no" for an answer always has parents who can't say it and mean it. "

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3-Year-Old Boy Having A Hard Time Saying I'm Sorry

Posted on 7/24/2007

Q: My 3-year-old has a terrible time apologizing for wrongdoing. We generally send him to his room and require him to apologize after he calms down. He will say he's sorry, but he doesn't want us...

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Youngsters Don't Need To Use Computers

Posted on 7/3/2007

YOUNGSTERS DON'T NEED TO USE COMPUTERS Q: The first time our children visited the grandparents this summer, Grandpa began asking the oldest if he was going to computer camp this summer, if he...

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3-Year-Old Girl Naptime

Posted on 7/3/2007

Q. My 3-year-old daughter still takes an hour nap in the afternoon. My husband's parents keep telling me that their children stopped taking naps before age 2. My daughter is a mess if she doesn't...

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Ticket Method for Discipline

Posted on 5/1/2007

WANT A WAY TO TRAIN CHILDREN TO BEHAVE? HERE'S THE TICKET Q: John, several other parents have told me about your "ticket" method for dealing with misbehavior, but I wonder if I can get it...

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Aggressvie Children

Posted on 4/24/2007

STOP AGGRESSION WITH SIR METHOD Last week I promised to provide a tried-and-true solution to a problem that is increasing in both frequency and magnitude: children who are aggressive toward...

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3-Year-Old Tantrums

Posted on 4/10/2007

EARLY LESSON IN GOOD BEHAVIOR TAMPS DOWN A TEMPER TANTRUM I had a conflict with one of my grandchildren the other day during which I was insensitive to his feelings, used my size advantage to...

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Unstructured Play for Preschoolers is Beneficial

Posted on 3/27/2007

MICROMANAGING YOUR KIDS ROBS THEM OF MANY BENEFITS UNSTRUCTURED PLAY LEADS TO SOCIAL SKILLS Several months back, I answered a question from a parent who was bemoaning that in her community,...

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3-Year-Old Sleeping Issue

Posted on 2/20/2007

ALLOWING KIDS TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED CAN LEAD TO A NIGHTMARE Sometimes I wonder if parents understand the concept of robbing Peter to pay Paul - that taking the easy way out of a parenting...

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3-Year-Old in Timeout

Posted on 1/16/2007

Time-out turnaround Q: In looking over the last 25 years of your work, I've discovered that in one place you said a 3-year-old should spend no more than three minutes in time-out, but in...

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Toddler/Preschool Classes

Posted on 1/9/2007

ALL THOSE CLASSES FOR TOTS WON'T TEACH WHAT REALLY MATTERS Q: In my hometown, various enrichment programs for children under 3 are proliferating. A 2-year-old can take ballet, music, yoga, or...

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3-Year-Old Going to Preschool

Posted on 1/2/2007

TODDLERS WHO DON'T GO TO PRESCHOOL UNLIKELY TO FALL BEHIND THEIR PEERS Q: At what age do you think children should start going to preschool? My son is going on 3, and he is home with me. I...

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Toddler Tantrums

Posted on 12/12/2006

TODDLER'S TANTRUMS RUIN THE MORNING Q: My daughter skipped the terrible twos and is now going through the even more terrible threes. The worst part of it is her behavior in the morning. When...

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3-Year-Old Moving to a New Home

Posted on 10/24/2006

Moving day From the "I Told You So" Department: I recently answered a reader's question concerning preparing her not-yet-3-year-old daughter for the family's upcoming move by pointing out that...

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Toilet Train by Age 2

Posted on 9/26/2006

BE KIND - LIBERATE YOUR BABY FROM DIRTY DIAPERS BY AGE 2 Knowing that I recommend toilet training between 18 and 24 months, and apparently feeling a tad contrary, a reader recently shared with...

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3 1/2-Year-Old Likes Crib Instead of Bed

Posted on 9/19/2006

TODDLER LIKES CRIB INSTEAD OF BED Q: My 3 1/2-year-old daughter still sleeps in a crib, loves it and has no interest in sleeping in the big bed in her room. She's a great sleeper, even though...

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3-Year-Old Potty Talk

Posted on 9/5/2006

3-YEAR-OLD REVELS IN POTTY TALK; HOW CAN MOM PUT A LID ON IT? Q: My 3-year-old son constantly uses what I call "potty talk." He uses the words "poop" and "poo-poo" and "poopy" all the time and...

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Grandma Giving Gifts to Grandchildren

Posted on 8/22/2006

LET GRANDMA ENJOY THE FUN OF BRINGING GIFTS FOR THE CHILDREN Q: Should I stop my mom from giving my three preschool kids presents every time she visits? She is usually here once a month for...

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3-Year-Old Imaginary Friend

Posted on 8/1/2006

He prefers imaginary pal Q: My just-turned 3-year-old son has an imaginary friend named Jonas, which I understand is fairly normal for this age. What worries me is that he'd rather play with...

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Don't Treat 3-Year-Old Like an Adult

Posted on 7/4/2006

DON'T TREAT PRECOCIOUS 3-YEAR-OLD LIKE AN ADULT Q: Our 3-year-old daughter is very intelligent for her age. I know all parents think their children are smart but several doctors have told us...

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Toilet Training

Posted on 3/28/2006

TOILET TRAINING MAY BECOME A THING OF THE PAST I tried to write a column but all I could manage to write was pieces of columns. So, I strung them together and, voila! A column! From the...

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3-Year-Old Should Pay Attention to Parents

Posted on 1/31/2006

KIDS MUST LEARN THAT THEIR JOB IS TO PAY ATTENTION TO PARENTS By the time a child is 3 years old, he has come to one of two conclusions concerning his parents: Conclusion One: It's my job...

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3-Year-Old Bed Wetting Issue

Posted on 1/17/2006

SPANKING IS NOT SOLUTION TO BED-WETTING BY 3-YEAR-OLD BOY Q: Our 3-year-old son has been day- and night-potty trained for nearly a year. Several months ago, just after starting preschool, he...

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3-Year-Old Touching Herself

Posted on 1/3/2006

DON'T WORRY OVER CHILD'S TOUCHING Q: My just-turned 3-year-old daughter started masturbating about six months ago, seemingly to calm herself when she was upset. That didn't bother me, but she's...

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3-Year-Old and Day Care Issues

Posted on 12/20/2005

FATHER LEARNS LESSON ABOUT DAY CARE The father titled his letter "You Can't Tell a Day Care By Its Cover." It told a story that has become all-too familiar over the past few years. The dad...

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Agressive 3-Year-Old

Posted on 12/6/2005

AGGRESSIVE 3-YEAR-OLD LEAVES OLDER PAL IN TEARS Q: Our 5-year-old daughter and our next-door-neighbor's 3-year-old daughter play together a good amount of time. The problem is that their child...

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Difficult for Babysitter to Impose Discipline for 3-Year-Old

Posted on 11/15/2005

IT'S HARD FOR SITTER TO IMPOSE DISCIPLINE Q: I recently left my 3-year-old daughter with a 16-year-old baby sitter for the first time. She was fine for an hour or so and then began refusing...

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Effective Way to Teach Children to Share

Posted on 11/8/2005

Q: What's the most effective way to get young children, ages 2 and 3, to share, and what should I do when not sharing escalates into violence? I work in a day-care center and this is my biggest...

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Toilet Training Myths

Posted on 8/9/2005

TOILET TRAINING MYTHS TO IGNORE As some of my readers already know, I have declared all-out war on the absurd, destructive idea - promoted by a good number of pediatricians and mental...

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No Delay in Toilet Training

Posted on 7/26/2005

THERE'S NOT A GOOD REASON TO DELAY TOILET TRAINING My recent column on early toilet training prompted a good amount of reader response, both pro and con. Not surprisingly, the older the...

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Toilet Training

Posted on 7/12/2005

DONE PROPERLY, TOILET TRAINING CAN BEGIN 'EARLY' Q: According to my grandmother's diary, my mother was completely toilet trained by age 18 months, but my grandmother didn't explain her...

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2- and 3-Year-Old Unruly on Disney Trip

Posted on 3/8/2005

A WHOLE NEW WORLD: TOTS TURN UNRULY ON DISNEY TRIP Q: Our two girls, ages 3 and 2, are very well behaved both at home and in public, so my husband and I decided to treat them to a memorable...

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Posted on 9/28/2004

POTTY-TRAINING NOT MUCH TRICKIER THAN SPOON-TRAINING A journalist recently asked me whether it was better to "push" children as young as 2 to learn to use the toilet or wait until they decide...

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Hair-Pulling and Head-Banging

Posted on 8/17/2004

CALL CHILD'S BLUFF ON HAIR-PULLING WHEN SHE'S NO LONGER THE CENTER OF ATTENTION, SHE'LL PROBABLY STOP Some time ago, the parents of a 4-year-old girl asked for my thoughts on why their...

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3-Year-Old Asks for Food When Upset

Posted on 8/3/2004

PARENTS: YOU ARE SMARTER THAN KIDS SOLUTIONS TO CHILDREN'S DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS CAN BE CREATIVE BUT SIMPLE Good ideas department: On my Web site (www.rosemond.com), I recently fielded a...

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3-Year-Old Wakes Up Grumpy

Posted on 8/3/2004

More Good Ideas Department: The parents of a 3-year-old boy were troubled that their son always woke up sullen and grumpy in the morning - every morning. They tried everything they could think of...

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3- and 2-Year-Old Toy Cleanup

Posted on 2/17/2004

TOY LIBRARY' AIDS KIDS' CLEANUP Q: When it's time for my two children, ages 42 and 24 months, to clean up their play messes, they frequently don't do as I've asked, and I can't figure out what...

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2- and 3-Year-Old Have Issues Sharing Toy

Posted on 1/13/2004

Q: The park in the center of our neighborhood is full of parents and children of all ages every afternoon. My 3-year-old daughter is having a problem with a much smaller 2-year-old. Often my...

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Toilet Training Must Start Early

Posted on 12/23/2003

TOILET TRAINING MUST START EARLY THE LONGER PARENTS WAIT AFTER 24 MONTHS, THE HARDER IT WILL BE Is it easier to house-train a 6-month-old puppy or a 1-year-old dog? The puppy, right? If you...

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42-Month-Old Having Meltdowns at Preschool

Posted on 11/18/2003

TIME-OUTS CAN MAKE LASTING IMPRESSION Q: Our 42-month-old son is in a mornings-only preschool. He was in the same church program last year and had lots of "meltdowns," usually during group...

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Mom Does Not Use Sippy Cups

Posted on 10/14/2003

PARENTING NUGGETS' OFFER SOLUTIONS TO EVERYDAY CHALLENGES Every so often, through my Web site usually, a parent - well, actually, a mom - will send me an especially creative idea she stumbled...

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3-Year-Old Hair Pulling Issue

Posted on 8/12/2003

A SIMPLE TALE OF A GIRL, A HABIT AND A CAP When I was in graduate school, I learned there was much more to human behavior than met the eye. My professors told me that every behavior is a...

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3-Year-Old Boy Dressing in Girls' Clothing

Posted on 7/29/2003

TRY OUT THESE GREAT IDEAS FOR RAISING TODDLERS Great Ideas Department: A mom on the members' side of my Web site (www.rosemond.com) responded to another mom who was anxious over her 3-year-old...

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How to Get a Toddler to Play by Himself for Long Periods of Time

Posted on 7/29/2003

More Great Ideas Department: To the question, "How does one get a toddler to play by himself for reasonably long periods of time?" I suggest creating and operating a toy lending library out of...

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Children and Computers

Posted on 5/27/2003

LIMIT KIDS' PC USE TILL THEY'RE LITERATE Were he alive today, Samuel Taylor Coleridge might well have written, "PCs, PCs in every class, and no child is made to think." Psychologist Jane...

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3-Year-Old Acting Out in Public Places

Posted on 4/8/2003

SHOW 3-YEAR-OLD SHE'LL PAY FOR FITS Q: My daughter and first child is 3 years, 8 months old. She is generally well-behaved except for a bad habit she has of screaming and running away from me...

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3-Year-Old Cries When Disciplined

Posted on 3/11/2003

HELP SON LEARN TO CONTROL TANTRUMS Q: Our 3-year-old cries whenever we reprimand or discipline him. Whether we spank (occasionally), firmly redirect, or simply say, "No, you may not," he begins...

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Moms Micromanaging Children

Posted on 3/4/2003

PSYCHO-BABBLE CAN CLOUD YOUR VISION Q: I am a teacher of 3-year-olds at a church preschool. Most of the boys in the class have a lot of energy, but one boy in particular has some developmental...

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Mom Wants to Have Democratic Parent-Child Relationship, But It Does Not Work

Posted on 11/19/2002

TYRANTS NOT BORN; THEY'RE MADE I recently had a funny exchange with a person in the sales division of the company that manufactured my once-trustworthy laptop. I have to share it with the...

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"Jump-Start" Programs are Worthless

Posted on 10/29/2002

MANNERS FIRST, THEN MOUSE PADS Q: What is your opinion of the spate of computer-driven academic "jump start" programs for children as young as 3, if not younger? All of the mothers in my...

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3-Year-Old Having Nightmares

Posted on 10/22/2002

HOW TO CHASE AWAY SCARY COWS Q: Our 3-year-old has recently started having nightmares involving cows. We haven't a clue as to how this got its start, but within three weeks, she's gone from...

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