"Anything for Attention and The Most Annoying Thing Ever"


I have a seven year old boy who is a copycat. There are adults around him who clear their throat, so now he is clearing his throat. It has become a habit and when he gets mad, he exaggerates it sevenfold up to and including gagging. I told him today he must be sick and couldn't go go camp. He started crying saying he wasn't sick and he toned it down, but didn't stop (I sent him to camp for me). He does it in church because the preacher has dry mouth and he does it. I have to take him back in the baby room at times so he's not disruptive. I tell him to knock it off and he says he can't help it. I took him to the doctor--just to rule out tonsils and such and they said he is fine. It's anything for attention and the most annoying thing ever and I need it to stop. Please Help!

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