Alpha Speech is Key for Getting Kids to Obey


I have 2 girls, 9 & 6. They will not obey. They’ll lie that they did something and I have to verify completion or it’s never done. I used the ticket system and I had to take away every privilege and dish out so many consequences (I couldn’t always send them to their room/early bed time bc they had tasks to do and they WANTED to get out of doing them). So I kicked out them out of the garden of Eden this week. They didn’t seem to care. When they’re assigned a task/punishment chore they take SO LONG (messing around or staining at floor etc) and often do not finish and I have to check they did it or they’ll hide/lie about it, or do half-way job. I don’t know what to do at this point. Room confinement? But they how do they do chores/tasks? They take too long to do a chore or task (even just brushing teeth) and they often don't compete it or do horrible job at it that they never stay much in their room or get to bed early enough. They don’t do what I say completely or timely. Now what?

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