Importance of Presenting a United Parenting Front


This may be a complicated question:
I have a question about my and my husband's parenting styles. I come from a conservative background, my parents were old school and traditional. Lots of freedom within the boundaries set for us.

My husband's family is much more easy-going and the child was always right - I laugh that he was spoilt. He turned out pretty well considering.

Often when I am dishing out discipline my husband scrutinizes me (in front of the kids sometimes). He comes to their rescue which creates an imbalance of power in the home. I also find it difficult to get the children to listen to me thereafter. I know he is head of the home, but how do I healthily compromise when I feel powerless. I feel if we follow his way we are taking the long way to our goal, as opposed to "nipping it in the bud".

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