Adjusting the Attitude


Are there any Rosemond certified therapists on the island of Oahu?
I've read several of John's books and am still having trouble with my 2 kids, especially my soon to be 13 yrs old son.
He was a good kid when younger, but since COVID and the lockdowns, etc., he has dragged his feet for everything and became very lazy. Even failing 4 classes right at the start of 7th grade.
He barely passed 5th & 6th grade.
We've kicked him out of the garden by having no electronics (except for homework, which then becomes a headache by sneaking on to YouTube, etc since we can't police him all day), and everything else.
He continues to drag his feet in everything asked of him.
We've extended his 30 days he needs to stay out of trouble too many times to count (going 2 months).
Do we keep extending or try something different like start giving away his prized items like video games, phone, etc?
We are getting so frustrated with kids who stopped being obedient without having to ride them constantly.

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