Middle of the Night Snacks Prolonging Mealtime Battles


In September I asked for advice on my picky 2-year-old. For 6 months, I have consistently tried the methods recommended. I didn't fuss over meals, just gave him small amounts of whatever I made, let him come and go. At dinner, he might eat the noodles, fruit, or nuts but overall wouldn't touch anything else I've given him. For breakfast and lunch, I just make it easy on myself and put out foods he willingly eat such as granola, crackers, cheese, and fruit.
Here's the issue. When I don't have noodles, fruit or nuts on the plate, he gladly goes hungry and then wakes in the middle of the night, crying for food, which happens several nights a week. He has never self soothed as a baby and we live in a tiny home, so to keep him from waking the house, I give him applesauce in the dark and put him back to bed, which has worked for him to sleep the rest of the night. This does not feel like a solution. What am I supposed to do?
For the last week and a half, I began to feel determined that this child was going to at least taste the food I set before him-result: he has screamed/cried for a solid hour and a half while myself and my 5 year old try to ignore him. I truly don't know what to do and am feeling very defeated. Asking God for wisdom and hoping you guys have some creative idea that I haven't thought of.
Positive note: Both my boys were very easy to potty train using Dr. Rosemond's method which I recommend to everyone and my 5 year old has responded very well behaviorally to the ticket system. Thank you for that!

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