Parent vs. Grandparent Relationships


My husband and I love the John Rosemond way of parenting. We set rules and expect our kids to follow them. When my parents come around, they completely baby them because they "feel bad" and think we are too hard on them, which results in my kids acting like sad puppies since they know they will get attention. For example, I told them my 12-year-old cannot have a TV in his room. For years now, they keep trying to get him a TV, whether it be buying him one, or trying to give him a portable DVD player so he's not "bored". I told them over and over again where my husband and I stand with electronics. Even last week I got into an argument with them about it and they said they would stop. A few days later they came to my house and said they were getting a new TV and wanted to give their old one to my son. (They do all of this in front of him) How should I handle the constant disrespect? I don't even want to let my kids go to their house without me because I don't trust that they're not going to baby them or go behind my back to allow them to do things I don't condone. But then I feel guilty because they are still grandparents who won't be around forever.

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