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Our 9yo girls currently rule the roost. They speak to us flippantly, complain constantly, whine and pester after receiving a "no" answer, expect others to fetch/carry for them, ignore directives until they feel like responding, interrupt adult conversations, and resist their schoolwork (we've been homeschooling since COVID began). Additionally, they taunt and bicker with each other constantly, which further disrupts our homeschooling and shreds the family peace. I have read The Well-Behaved Child (and many, many articles on ParentGuru) but I am so overwhelmed by the situation that I can't decide where to begin: with their disrespect toward me and their father? With their sibling issues? With their poor attitude toward their schoolwork? Should I use Tickets? Charts? The Garden? I fully admit that I am a major part of the problem(s): I am an unconfident and conflict-averse parent who has "given in" far too often over the years just to make the double tantrums stop--which, of course, has only prolonged them, and now I have a desperate mess on my hands. Please help.

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