Adjusting to a New Pre School Can Be Hard


We are struggling with our 3-year-old at school. She started in PK-3 this year at a new school. The past 3 years she has been in daycare/pre-school. Where to begin... and by the way all of these behaviors never happen at home or were ever reported to us by her former school teachers.

She has potty accidents at least every other day. She refuses to obey her teachers, especially when she is told to sit in time-out. She has hit classmates, and the teacher once, when she gets upset or has something taken away from her. She throws and kicks things sometimes when she gets upset. She yells at classmates often. She refuses to share and often takes things from other kids aggressively, sometimes throwing things at others. She has had a few meltdowns when told to go to the "chill chair" (time-out), resulting in her having to go to another room to calm down.

Again, we see none of these behaviors at home. She is a very stubborn child and we do our best to correct bad behavior at home. However, I don't know how to correct behavior that I never experience in person. The PreK director has suggested we take to a place that does "play therapy." I have not idea what that is.

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