"Children learn whatever you teach them, whether you've intended for them to learn it or not. "

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Mom Has Lousy Relationship with 15-Year-Old

Posted on 12/30/1997

AN APOLOGY A WEEK MAY WORK WONDERS Q. My 15-year-old daughter and I have a lousy relationship, and I'm to blame. When she was about 12, I realized she had a mind of her own and wasn't going to...

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American Female Parent Has Abdicated Her Authority Over Her Children

Posted on 8/12/1997

A LITTLE-WELL-PLACED MISERY WORKS WONDERS In my life as a public speaker, I often poll my audiences on various topics, sometimes to illustrate a point, sometimes to both collect and impart...

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Moms Suffer Verbal Abuse and Emotional Harrassment From Children and Still Serve Them

Posted on 6/24/1997

UPPITY CHILDREN STAND IN WAY OF MOTHERS' FINAL LIBERATION Several months ago, during a workshop I was giving somewhere in America, a woman remarked, "I'd have never spoken to my mother the way...

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Parents of 8-Year-Old Have Different Discipline Methods Concerning Her Tantrums

Posted on 9/26/1996

HOW TO RECONCILE DISCIPLINE STYLES Her 8-year-old daughter, the mother told me with great concern, had recently thrown a tantrum over not getting her way about something. The child eventually...

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Women Should be Wives First and Mothers Second

Posted on 5/30/1996

MOTHERS, DON'T FORGET TO BE WIVES ONCE YOU HAVE KIDS I was recently in Somewhere, USA, where I talked on the unfortunate consequences to families and children of the prevailing nouveau idea...

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Laid-Back Moms Of the Year

Posted on 12/1/1995

THE RIGHT STUFF, NO GUFF: THAT'S LAID-BACK MOM Back in September, I announced Rosemond's Laid-back Mom of the Year Awards as follows: "Entrants must describe in 250 words or less how they...

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Today's Standard: More Time One Expends in Service of Children, the Better Mom One Is

Posted on 10/6/1995

YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER AS A LAID-BACK MOM A few days ago, I received a news release from the M&M/Mars Co. for the "Kudos'' Working Mother of the Year Awards. "Working mother,'' the...

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Wives and Mothers are Plently Powerful People

Posted on 9/23/1994

A TALK ABOUT EQUALITY I came across the following quote in an airline magazine last week: "In my 20s and early 30s,'' said the nationally known female personal-growth guru, "I gave away my...

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Mothers and Daughters Dressing Alike

Posted on 9/9/1994

WHEN MOTHERS DRESS LIKE DAUGHTERS, GUESS WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER? Fashion alert! For the second time in as many days, I have seen with my own eyes a mother and daughter dressed exactly alike....

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 4

Posted on 7/2/1993

ONCE AGAIN, LISTEN UP: CARING FOR CHILD AT HOME IS BETTER THAN DAY CARE Jennifer Mitchell, a columnist for the Des Moines (Iowa) Register, recently took me to task for saying that at-home...

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Don't Just Wait Until Father Gets Home; Make Kid Obey Mom, Too

Posted on 6/4/1993

Q. Our 11-year-old will not obey his mother. In addition, he refuses to accept time-out (in a dining room chair) from her and becomes physical if she tries to make him go. There's not a weekday...

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Take Time to be a Wife and not Just a Mother

Posted on 4/23/1993

MOTHERS NEED TO REMEMBER THEY ARE ALSO PEOPLE Spying me mingling with the audience a few minutes before I was to make a presentation, she walked up and said, "Do you know what really bugs me...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 3

Posted on 3/19/1993

OUTRAGE OVER CHILD-CARE COLUMN POINTS TO THE REAL PROBLEM: DECLINE OF FAMILY In a feature article and two separate editorials, The Des Moines Register has taken me to task for a column in...

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The Truth about the American Family

Posted on 3/12/1993

ON THE PLAYGROUND OF AMERICA, THE FAMILY'S SLIDING FAST For the past 30 years, the American family has been "changing," or so the media inform us. The subliminal impression created is that...

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Child Obeys Father, But Not Mother

Posted on 2/12/1993

CHILD OBEYS HER FATHER BUT NOT HER MOTHER A woman recently asked, "Why does my daughter give me nothing but static and grief every single time I ask her to do something, whereas my husband...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 2

Posted on 12/18/1992

Q. I read a recent column of yours in which you said that parent care during the first three years of life is preferable to daycare. I tend to agree, but wouldn't some children be better off in...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 1

Posted on 12/4/1992

STAYING AT HOME ENCOURAGES INDEPENDENCE IN TODDLER I recently wrote that parent care during the first three years of life is highly preferable, in most cases, to day care. A number of folks...

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Mom Author Decides to Stay at Home by Choice

Posted on 10/16/1992

HOME BY CHOICE' MAY CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT A MOM'S ROLE In the summer of 1991, a copy of psychologist Brenda Hunter's "Home By Choice" (Multnomah, $13.99) arrived at my office, offered by the...

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Role of Women Has Changed Over Time

Posted on 10/2/1992

IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS THEY WERE HOUSEWIVES, NOT VICTIMS Listening several weeks ago to a radio talk show, I heard a woman who called herself a feminist make the claim that women of her...

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Mom Prefers to Work Than Stay at Home with Kids

Posted on 3/6/1992

STAY-AT-HOME MOM' HAS MORE GUILT THAN OLD-FASHIONED HOUSEWIFE Q. The author of a parenting book I just read takes a strong position in favor of mothers staying home with their children at...

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Moms Believe Success of Child Rests on Their Shoulders

Posted on 4/28/1991

MEN - AND WOMEN - MAINTAIN UNHEALTHY MYTHS ABOUT MOTHERING A number of months ago, I wrote a column in which I said that we are a "single parent culture." Not that many parents are single,...

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Roles of Husband and Wife Taking Care of 8-Month-Old

Posted on 4/21/1991

HOW DO PARENTS PRESERVE A MARRIAGE WHILE KIDS ARE YOUNG? Q. My husband and I heard you speak in Orlando (Fla.) and were especially interested in your advice to parents, that they act...

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7-Year-Old Wants to be with Dad More Than Mom

Posted on 12/30/1990

GIRL, 7, SUDDENLY WANTS TO BE WITH DAD MORE THAN MOM Q. My 7-year-old girl has recently become very attached to her daddy. She wants to cuddle with him a lot, asks to go places with him, and...

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Women Carry Burden of Parenting on Their Shoulders

Posted on 10/28/1990

EVEN MOMS WHO HAVE MATES SHOULDER ALL THE PARENTAL LOAD "How is he able to remain so cool and collected when our son acts up?" she asks. "I absolutely churn with every conceivable emotion,...

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How to be a Good Parent: Part 1

Posted on 7/22/1990

AFTER 21 YEARS, I DISCOVER HOW TO BE A GOOD PARENT: PRACTICE, PRACTICE Some thoughts on parenthood collected during the last 21 years of trying to make it work: * The purpose of parenting...

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Working Mother

Posted on 3/11/1990

LET'S STAMP OUT SEXISM: DON'T SAY WORKING MOTHER Working mother. This seemingly benign phrase - referring, of course, to women who have chosen to raise children and hold down jobs - is one...

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Mom Torn About Returning to Work After Having Baby

Posted on 8/13/1989

FAMILY DAY CARE SETTING IS BEST FOR INFANTS Q. I took a leave of absence from my job to have my first baby and be totally available to her for the first three months of her life. Now people...

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Single Parent Issue

Posted on 3/13/1988

Q. I am a single mother with four children. I have heard it said that the best way a man can love his children is to love their mother. I strongly agree, but my children will never see this...

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Raising Children the Old Fashioned Way

Posted on 3/29/1987

For most of the first seven years of my life, my mother was a single parent. During this time, she and I lived with my grandmother in a small apartment in what is now the historic district...

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Discipline Should be Handled by Both Parents

Posted on 2/15/1987

DON'T MAKE DAD THE HEAVY IN DISCIPLINE "Wait 'til your father gets home." Or so my mother would say whenever my relentlessly obnoxious behavior became too much for her to handle. And it...

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Fathers as Important to Parenting as Mothers

Posted on 1/18/1987

I've been a father for 18 years, so I know a few things about fatherhood. I know, for instance, that fathers are just as important as mothers to the raising of children. I also know fathers don't...

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Mother Guilt in Going Back to Work

Posted on 11/30/1986

BABIES ALSO BENEFIT FROM FATHERS' CARE Q. I'm a schoolteacher who just had her first baby, a girl, in July. Before the baby was born, we decided I would return to work after three months....

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5-Year-Old Girl Wants to Live with Dad

Posted on 11/17/1985

5YO CUSTODY Q. My husband and I divorced about a year ago. Our daughter, who is 5, sees her daddy every other weekend, on alternating holidays and for three weeks during the summer. They have...

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