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Hi ParentGuru,
I have a question about our 5yr old son who has come home from prep (1st year of primary school here in Melbourne Australia) after an incident in which he threw another student's hat and wallet onto the roof during a lunch break. How he came to have the items and whose idea to throw them onto the roof is mystery although my son says that a third student stole the hat and wallet and told him to throw it. The teacher advised that the principal had a chat with my son and together they filled out a "Think Sheet", exploring how choices affect both parties. I'm told my son was in tears and remorseful. The principal has asked us to have a further chat and to write some comments on the think sheet about the outcome of this chat that needs to be returned to him.
Not sure why we have homework because of our son's infraction...?? but that may be a different story.
My question is... what further action/consequence can my wife and I look to put in place as a result of this.
We have been following Parent Guru/John's methods for all our kids from age 1 (there are two younger children) with ticket system currently in place for the older two. Our son is generally well mannered and this is the first infraction of note at school. He is not a bully by nature but is very energetic, easily frustrated, continues (at age 5) to throw a tantrum one or twice a week if things do not go his way, often doesn't think before acting (despite being reminded countless times over many months for certain specific actions) and will often be incredibly defiant - for instance when consequences are metered out after all tickets are lost.
Wondering if/what we can set up so that he is fully aware of our expectations and what will transpire with future transgressions.
Given it's the first time, we can let it slide but I feel this is a good opportunity to bed in the lesson.
Hope that makes sense and you can provide some clarity?

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