When Getting Dressed Becomes Game of Chase


Hi, my daughter, will turn 3 in 2 months recently started defying us when it comes to changing her clothes. Whenever she is told it’s time to do it, she thinks its some sort of game, runs away or simply puts her arms and legs underneath so we don’t touch her. I tried dressing her up by force, she would take the clothes off. Sometimes when I simply walk away she would run after me with that piece of clothing, ‘ready to put on’ .She is usually very obedient so moments like this simply angry me. I know reacting is counterproductive but I have hard time controlling my patience, I spanked her a few times. I am familiar with ticket system from 3 years old, but I doubt that she will understand it. We are multilingual family, she is exposed to 3 languages (2 spoken with her) so her understanding of concepts like these is still a bit underdeveloped. What to do? Thank you!

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