"Children need parents who know where they stand as well as where they want their children to stand. "

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10-Year-Old Frightened by Certain People

Posted on 9/17/2002

TV IS THE ROOT OF YOUR BOY'S FRIGHT Q: Our 10-year-old son thinks certain people look frightening. When he sees one of these supposedly frightening people, he can work himself up to the point...

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Toilet Training and Bedtime Issues

Posted on 11/20/2001

PARENTS ARE GOING BACK TO THE BASICS An analysis of the 3,000-plus questions submitted to date to my Web site suggests the two biggest problems besetting American parents concern the toilet and...

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4-Year-Old Bedtime Issue

Posted on 10/16/2001

DON'T FORCE SICK CHILD INTO YOUR BED Q. We have an unusual problem: Our 4-year-old daughter refuses to sleep in our bed. Under normal circumstances, this is fine. We are not "family bed"...

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5-Year-Old Bedtime Fears

Posted on 5/29/2001

AS USUAL, COMMON SENSE TRIUMPHS OVER PSYCHOLOGY One of contemporary parenting's stumbling blocks is the tendency to "think psychologically" about child-rearing difficulties. Doing so often...

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4-Year-Old Sleeping Issue

Posted on 4/10/2001

FORCING CHILD TO SLEEP ALONE IS PAINFUL, BUT YOU MUST DO IT Q. My 4-year-old daughter cannot go to sleep unless I lie down with her, and she has rarely slept through the night in her own bed;...

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4-Year-Old Waking Up During the Night

Posted on 2/20/2001

LET 4-YEAR-OLD HAVE MOTIVE TO GET PAST IRRATIONAL FEARS Our normally very easy going 4-year-old daughter has started waking us up several times a night, wanting us to lie down with her so she...

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26-Month-Old Diagnosed with ADHD

Posted on 12/5/2000

DON'T MEDICATE A 2-YEAR-OLD FOR NORMAL RASCALITY A friend of mine participates in a national network of pediatricians who share information and advice with one another through the World Wide...

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32-Month-Old Waking to go Potty During the Night

Posted on 5/16/2000

'THE DOCTOR' CAN HELP YOUR POTTY TRAINEE Q. Our 32-month-old daughter has been daytime toilet-trained since 26 months. At 29 months, she started getting up once a night to use the potty even...

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3-Year-Old Twins Bedtime Issue

Posted on 11/9/1999

WHOSE NIGHTMARE IS BEDTIME, ANYWAY? Q. I am the grandmother of twin 3-year-old girls. My daughter has asked me to solicit your advice about two problems. First, the girls, who get along...

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Still the Best Choice: Children Sleep in Own Beds

Posted on 6/10/1997

Q. In one of your books you say young children, even babies, should sleep in their own beds. What law or reason, other than "society,'' demands that children sleep alone? You are obviously unaware...

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5-Year-Old Bedtime Issues

Posted on 2/6/1997

CURE FOR BEDTIME FUSS EMPHASIZES CHILD'S INDEPENDENCE "Wendy will go to sleep peacefully only if one of us lies down with her,'' her parents said. "That's not always convenient, though, and...

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13-Year-Old Has Fears, Problems Falling Asleep, Obsessions and Compulsions

Posted on 10/3/1996

OBSESSIONS, COMPULSIONS ARE COMMON IN EARLY TEEN YEARS Q. Our 13-year-old son, Brian, has recently started having problems falling asleep. As soon as he closes his eyes he begins having...

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2-Year-Old Bedtime and Sharing Issues

Posted on 9/12/1996

THIS MOM-IN-LAW MAY BE ADDING TO PARENTS' WOES Q. We have a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, and three problems - all concerning the older one. First, he still wants a bottle when he's put to...

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OK for Children to Get in Bed with Parents Occasionally

Posted on 1/25/1996

SOMETIMES IT'S OK FOR CHILD TO GET IN BED WITH PARENTS Q. Having read your books, we know you advise against letting children sleep with parents. Do you feel the same way about letting young...

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3-Year-Old Has Developed Several Fears

Posted on 8/11/1995

IT'S NORMAL FOR KIDS TO DEVELOP CERTAIN FEARS Q. Within the last month or so, our just-turned 3-year-old daughter has become afraid of the dark, barking dogs, trucks and thunder. She's also...

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Children Sleeping with Parents

Posted on 7/9/1993

A CHILD NEEDS TO SLEEP IN A SEPARATE BED Q. What do you think about letting children sleep with their parents? A. Generally speaking, I don't think it's a good idea. Sleeping in his or...

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How to Move 2-Year-Old from Parents' Bed to His Own Bed

Posted on 7/9/1993

Q. What's the least disruptive way of moving my 2-year-old son, who's been sleeping with me since he was a baby, to his own bed? A. No doubt about it, a 2-year-old who's been sleeping with a...

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2-Year-Old Climbing Out of Crib

Posted on 1/15/1993

WHEN 2-YEAR-OLD LEARNS TO CLIMB OUT OF THE CRIB, GET READY Q. Our 2-year-old started climbing out of his crib several months ago. Since then, we haven't been able to get him to stay in his...

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6-Year-Old Bedtime Battle

Posted on 5/22/1992

BEDTIME BATTLES? DISCIPLINE HELPS CHILD, PARENTS Bedtime. Children usually don't like it, parents are intimidated by it, professionals make careers out of speaking and writing about it. But...

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4-Year-Old Wants Bedside Lamp On at Night

Posted on 8/11/1991

GO AHEAD, LEAVE THE LIGHT ON IF THE CHILD NEEDS IT Q. Our 4-year-old goes to bed easily, but wants us to leave his bedside lamp on until he falls asleep. We've tried making Egbert go to...

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Regular Bedtime Routine for 3-Year-Old and 15-Month-Old

Posted on 7/28/1991

TODDLERS NEED REGULAR ROUTINE TO FOLLOW AT BEDTIME Q. I have two sons, ages 3 and 15 months. When the first was a baby, I rocked him to sleep. As he got older, I began lying down with him at...

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Put Baby on Schedule

Posted on 1/6/1991

PUT BABY ON SCHEDULE SO 3 FAMILIES CAN RELAX Q. We are three families being tyrannized by one small infant's sleeping habits. One-year-old William is a generally sunny, happy little person,...

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Regulate Bedtime for 5-Year-Old

Posted on 12/16/1990

TRY THIS PLAN; IT WORKS TO REGULATE BEDTIMES "Suzette will go to bed peacefully only if one of us lies down with her until she goes to sleep," her parents said. "That's not always convenient,...

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Kids Sleeping with Parents

Posted on 5/20/1990

PARENTS SHOULD AVOID SLEEPING WITH KIDS Q: Having read both of your books, we know you advise against letting children sleep with parents. Do you feel the same way about letting young...

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8-Year-Old Bedtime Fear

Posted on 2/4/1990

CHILD'S FEAR OF MONSTER' AT BEDTIME IS NORMAL Q. Our 8-year-old son will not go up to his room alone after dark because he's certain there's "something" up there that's going to get him....

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Discipline Management: 3-Year-Old Getting Out of the Bed

Posted on 10/8/1989

TRICKS ARE A TRICK OF THE DISCIPLINE TRADE This is my third attempt in as many weeks to try and convince you, the reader, that the trick to successful discipline lies not in punishment, as...

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22-Month-Old Sleeping Issue

Posted on 10/18/1987

TODDLERS MAY NEED REASSURANCE Q. Our 22-month-old son has recently developed a sleeping problem. He's always been easy to put to bed and began sleeping through the night at an early age....

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30-Month-Old Bedtime Issues

Posted on 11/23/1986

CREATE PICTURES' OF BEDTIME TO GET YOUR CHILD TO SLEEP Q. Our 30-month-old won't let us out of her bedroom at night. We begin getting her ready for bed around 7:30. After her bath, a snack...

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3-Month-Old Bedtime Issue

Posted on 8/17/1986

KEEP NOISE UP WHEN BABY'S DOWN Q. We just spent a week of "vacation" with my parents, during which my mother and I got into it over the way I put our 3-month-old first child to sleep. I...

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Children Sleeping in Their Own Bed Aids Development

Posted on 4/13/1986

SLEEPING ALONE AIDS CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT Q. I enjoy reading your column, and your advice has often been helpful in raising our 12- and 4-year-old children. However, I have to disagree with...

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3-Year-Old and 15-Month-Old Bedtime Issues

Posted on 3/9/1986

HEAD OFF CHILD'S BEDTIME BATTLE Q. I have two sons. The first is 3, the second is 15 months. When the first was a baby, I rocked him to sleep. As he got older, I began lying down with him...

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