9 year old's Frequent Night Time Urinating Best Evaluated by Pediatrician


My 9-year-old frequently gets out of bed to go to the toilet at night. I don’t mind but our house is laid out that he has to leave his bedroom, come down the stairs, past our living room, dining room Nd kitchen, which I am usually in one of, to get to the bathroom at the back of the house. I did think he was purposely coming down multiple times at night as he wants to engage in chat with me during his travels to the bathroom so I told him he could only come down 3 times. Now he is wetting the bed and urinating in his bin. I ask him why and he says because you tell me off if I come down more than 3 times. Is this the case or is there more to it? And if he uses the toilet so many times in the night what can I do so that he knows he goes straight to the bathroom and upstairs without trying to engross me into conversations? Thank you

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