Reading in the Morning or Reading in the Evening? Raising a Reader with Learning Challenges


I am homeschool my 7 year old child/grandchild. His Mother was diagnosed at age 7 with dyslexia and an auditory processing disorder by Dr Lucia Karnes which made me confident the assessment was accurate. So, in saying that, I feel confident having dealt with her issues that what I am about to say is accurate. My child/grandchild is dyslexic and has other learning disabilities. But, I make no excuses for his ability to overcome. His mother did.

He struggles some days far worse than other days with most subjects if anything is required other than memory. Since my daughter was not homeschooled, my question children with learning issues have a time of the day they seem to perform better? Or is that individualized? He reads to me in bed every night, and that goes well. But, trying to read before lunch, sounds like two completely different children. Am I crazy? He just does not seem to be able to pull it all together in the AM. He gets plenty of sleep, 10 to 12 hours a night. He has a full “southern breakfast” every morning....and there are no others in the house. I am at a to whether there is any research that indicates if or when children perform better. I am NOT a morning person, but get up at least an hour before him for my coffee and me time. His mother as a child, had to almost be drug out of bed and still struggled to get moving in the morning. Am I loosing my mind or is what I am seeing and experiencing with his lack of AM performance real and related to dyslexia or other learning disabilities? Thanks

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