Time for a Potty Training Reset


We are currently attempting to potty train our 21-month-old boy. It has been almost one month of training and we are having almost zero success with getting him to sit on the potty to pee or poop. He is still wearing diapers for naps and bedtimes so he has learned to hold it until naptime or bedtime. When he cannot hold it any longer, he tells us he has to pee, we take his underwear off and direct him to go sit on the potty but he refuses and starts crying, begging for us to get him a diaper or to put underwear back on. After it becomes clear that he is very uncomfortable and cannot hold it any longer, he pees and poops on the floor. This has been going on for one month. What should we do? He is not a child that cries very often so it is very upsetting that this toilet training has become a scary and traumatic experience for him. Help!

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