Ten year old with multiple issues


Adopted Female child age 10; neglect and multiple traumas, sexual abuse. She is in complete safety for 4+ years now, yet she is Hypersensitive, intense, social issues, cannot get along with siblings, must have constant attention, focus issues, short and long term memory issues, easily frustrated with school work, easily stressed especially with peers.
She is draining to the family and siblings ostracized her; if there isn't any chaos, she will create it. When "aggravated, stressed, frustrated" she can be cruel to animals; throwing a kitten or chicken down, not overly cruel, enough though that it is concerning.
Smart as a whip, yet emotions are younger than 10 year old; her "feelings" get hurt at the drop of a pin.
Currently homeschooling and having focus issues, easily frustrated. Family considering medication to calm as seems to have constant anxiety and fear.
We need help with how to handle her! We are exasperated and exhausted with the constant "intense" atmosphere she creates.
Thank you,

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