Technology and the Preteen Boy


I want to use the weekly ticket system, or throwing the child out of the garden, to discipline my 12 year old son (6th grade).
The problem lies in that much of the homework now is given via computer at his school. But he will sneak onto YouTube, etc, if we're not closely watching him.
How do I balance discipline and the need for access to a computer for homework, especially if we want to kick him "out of the garden", so to speak?
I haven't been able to come up with a satisfactory answer.
This question comes up because he is making a lot of trouble to the teacher at school with talking back, acting up in class, and not doing his homework. He used to be very good with his teachers.
I need to discipline him but haven't fully yet because of that issue of computer access I'm facing.
Hence, he still acts up with the discipline he gets now, because he still gets access to computers to play around on, and sneaking phones/tablets to use.
It's very frustrating.
Thank you!

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