I am Woman, Hear Me Roar---Even Though I'm Only 4!


I am at my wits end. I am doing my best to do the ticket system with my children. My 4 year old daughter has maybe made it 1 day, at least until bedtime, without losing all of her tickets since we started about 3 weeks ago I believe. My issue is bedtime, she makes bedtime as difficult as humanly possible, she makes a million requests and asks a million questions and if at any time you draw a line she loses her ever loving mind. Absolutely no amount of preparing her that if she acts in a certain way she will lose xyz makes a bit of difference. She will NOT stay in her bedroom on her own no matter what so as advised there is a lock on the door, her bedroom is empty and her bed is on the floor. However, if her door is locked in order to contain her she will simple stand and bang on the door as hard as her little arms and legs can over and over and over. Our house is not large and it is very LOUD and enough to make any human being mental. HOW can I make this stop? I don’t feel like her behavior has improved in the slightest and really the only thing we’ve gotten out of it is the peace of her being confined to her room when she is not banging on the door. Other then making her stay in her room the entire next day I’m out of options of things to take away from her.

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