Be the Mean Mum!


My 8 year old son has came back from spending the weekend with his dad and dad's family.

He said I’m a strict mean mum because his 8 year old cousin has an iPhone, TikTok and YouTube channel and he is not allowed. I’m fine by that!!! But he disclosed they have been making videos to upload on her YouTube channel and I am not comfortable with this, but I know there is no point in trying to discuss anything with his Dad and family and try to avoid as much communication as possible as they are rather toxic. I feel so helpless in this situation. I did tell my son it isn’t age appropriate but he keeps trying to argue with me and I don’t want to argue with a child.

Is there any age appropriate way of explaining to him that it is dangerous for him to be participating in YouTube videos and once something is on the internet, it’s hard to ever completely erase it and to try to change his mind? As it is I do not share about my children on social media very often because they aren’t old enough to consent and I want them to be able to form their own identity on the internet when they are old enough and know the consequences of what they share. I look back at what I shared on the internet as an uneducated teen and cringe and I don’t want the same for my son.

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