Indulgent Grandparents


My 6 year old son has been spending more time with my parents without me present for special time. When I’m not there he has a level of indulgence that I think is probably common at grandparent’s homes. We went for dinner there tonight and he was very mischievous and not listening. It was many small things, “come to the table” “put that vase down” “don’t spank grandpa” “don’t lick the butter” “don’t yell in your sister’s ear” “don’t turn on the tv” “put your shirt back on” etc and all these things he would do 2 or 3 more times before he listened, if he listened. Eventually I took him home early which caused a great big scene and everyone thought I was too strict. I’m torn on my decision to take him home. I feel he was a little set up for failure since he was just acting in a way that he has learned is acceptable there, so maybe I should have just let him run amuck a bit. What do you think and should I navigate this differently?

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