Forming a United Parenting Front


Hello...fully realizing Mr Rosemond is NOT a marriage counselor I do have a question. I am 70 years old and my spouse is 49. We have a daughter, 10 years old, that is very bright (public school psychologist pegged her I.Q @ 140) and is considered "gifted". Currently she is enrolled in a hybrid education...homeschool and 3 days a week of private school. Problem is this...I agree with the majority of Mr Rosemonds child rearing philosophies whereas my wife is exactly the polar opposite. A recent column on parents helping their child with their homework is one of many points of disagreement. I, of course come from the old school philosophy and my wife being younger does not see my point of view. Our daughter obviously sides with her mother, much to her benefit. I do not take our difference of opinions personally BUT I truly feel bad for our little girl whom I am afraid is caught in the middle and will ultimately be the one who suffers in a myriad of ways as she matures. What is a parent to do in a situation as this....????

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