Wrestle Mania


We started the ticket system with our 3 year old a few weeks ago (along with working on changing our language to Alpha language). I think he gets it. He can verbalize the basics of the system and has been sent to his room for the day several times. However, when I tell him to go to his room, he often runs away and hides. This is when he has already lost all his tickets for the day. I end up having to go get him (Under a bed, behind a chair, or plenty of other hiding spots). When I get him out it is a literal wrestling match. He screams, claws, and kicks. We do not have a lock on his door (my husband isn’t totally on board with this). So I end up holding the door to get him to stay in his room.
I don’t want to be engaging in a wrestling match with my son, but I am struggling with consequences when he has already lost all his daily tickets.
Thank you.

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