The Terrible 12's


A few months have passed. This school year seems to have been a big step for my now 12 year old. We have been struggling most of the school year and just got his grades for the second quarter. The first and second quarter we were struggling with screen time and had him limited to weekends only due to his grades. Now since I see no improvement and his grades are continuing to go downhill I have removed all devices, no PlayStation, no tablet, no laptop and no phone. Even though I did not willingly give the last two devices to him, they were handed down by older siblings. He stays after everyday to get help and get his work done. I don’t know what else I can do to make him realize he needs to step up and become responsible. He’s late with work and goes to class unprepared. I’m having a team meeting with his teachers to help him. I just feel like there is nothing else I can do to help him. I need some sort of game plan. As a parent I feel as if I am failing him. He is our fourth child and it seems to me that we are guilty of exactly what John warns us about. I’m am trying to undo the damage but man it’s tough. I would like to send him to you for a month of training and obedience

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