5 year old boy behaves better at school than at home


My 5 year old son is in preschool, and we are working very hard on his behavior and manners. He still has tantrums which I am working hard to end. Lately, when he has a tantrum or is disrespectful I ask him if he acts this way at school with his teacher. He always tells me he would not act like that at school bc he doesn’t want to get in trouble. I am a big believer in Rosemond’s views and work hard to follow his parenting methods. He is punished at home, we do the ticket system and he has been kicked out of Eden several times.

How can I get my son to act the same way he acts at school at home? What am I missing?

As I said, I am a HUGE fan of Rosemond. Does he ever come to Dallas?

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