4 yro not listening


Good afternoon. I am still struggling with my 4 year old son. He has a lot of trouble listening to directions, no matter what consequences have been put in place. We've taken away privileges, put him on time out, and usually just end up yelling. I received this email from his Pre-K teacher today:

"Jimmy had a wonderful start to Pre-K 4. Today we had a hard time with him listening and following our directions.  He drew on his friends papers that were next to him at his table and he just refused tostop making noises and not listening to directions.  I talked to him several times and discussed choices that would be better for him to make.  He did have to move his clip down today but that did not seem to phase him.  During our story time he could not keep his hands off of his friends or blowing on them.  We moved him twice and finally he had to go back to his seat."

Please let me know what our next step should be. I'm desperate.

Thank you,

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