The Grass Really Isn’t Greener on the Other Side


My 10-year-old daughter seems always to think the grass is greener somewhere else. For example, we homeschool, which she enjoys, but often expresses her wish to return to regular school, and when talking with other people, she claims to hate homeschooling. When planning a vacation, she doesn't want to go because she'll miss out on gymnastics. After the vacation, she admits it was a great time. If we pick a movie to watch, she throws a small tantrum and sulks because we're "forcing" her to watch it. As expected, she enjoys the movie and seems to forget the fit ever happened.

When she gets to do what she wants to do she's perfectly pleasant, but any time she has to do what others want it's a bad attitude. I get most of the bad attitudes, but so do other members of the family. How do I help my daughter be more easygoing so we don't have to constantly interrupt the flow to address the sulking or a fit?

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